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I'm not new here, I'm just somebody that you used to know. Also I need to express myself, somehow.

D.O.B: 1/17/05
Likes: Synthwave, Minecraft, anime, early 2010s, late 2000s, and late & early 90s and 80s
Dislikes: Narcissists, politics & political discussion, Fortnite, TikTok, and Starbucks. Seriously, the slightest bit of political discussion can leave me wound up, and I very much care about my mental health, even though admittedly, I have an internet addiction, so please don't talk politics to me. Thank you.

YouTube Channel show Here you can find my YouTube channel.

I have extensive knowledge of computers and programming. My family says that my IQ level is through the roof. I'm currently dealing with the struggles of young adulthood. Fun fact, I first joined this site when I was almost 7 years old! I look at 3DSPlaza now and all of it is in shambles. What a shame. I also suffer with ADHD, ODD, anxiety, depression, and autism. Did I mention that I have poor socialism skills? That sucks, but I'm working on getting more friends.

You know what I've just realized? Every single mod from 5 or so years ago is probably like 20 years old by now. Now that's crazy!

I sometimes wonder what would have been if nothing had changed in 2016. That's what has worried me. My life was on autopilot for almost 7 years straight. It was time for a change. I should really mention that the meaning of life is to leave a mark on the Earth with your own expression, so it would be nice of you guys to give me suggestions to express myself. Currently, I have one computer. It unfortunately is a desktop computer.

The world seems to not care about struggling teens like me. School threw me out because someone hacked me, and because of my anxiety attack. Together we can change this.

Well, that's just how the world works. I don't think I will come on too often. If I do, it'll probably be just to get my nostalgia fix. PM me if you want somewhere to talk on.

Who am I? show
Some random 16 year old with a internet addiction (who uses it responsibly) trying his best to not be depressed. Seriously. Why is it that nowadays it's too easy to get depressed?

I'm just a guy trying to get around...

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