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About me:

^This counter has been counting since like...2012. It stopped working recently and stopped at 6,000 views.

*birthday: October 23rd, 1997
*hair colour: blonde
*height: 5 feet exactly
*eye color:
blue with slight green in the centers
*fav band: Shinedown
*fav song at the moment:
Desperation by Eminem
*1 thing I wanna do: travel
*fav rapper:
*fav(s) sport: tennis, dirtbiking
*fav food (at the moment): macncheese
*fav book at the moment: BONE cartoon
*worst food:
pizza and mint
*worst book:
The Wedsday Wars
*fav colour(s):
Black, Blue, Green
*i enjoy:
riding my dirtbikes, tennis, watching my brother's baseball games, playing videogames, and reading!
*im a:
control freak
*stupidest thing i have ever done:
[orange] A few weeks into college, I was waiting for the elevator.
Right before the door opened I whipped out finger guns with both of my hands and quite loudly said
"PEW PEW." Right before I said it, a bunch of boys walk in behind me, hear and see me. They all
started laughing and I have never wanted to die more.


*I have a
PS3, a PS4, and a PSP. I mainly play Destiny and Black Ops 2.
*I also have a Wii, a WiiU, and a DSi.


sarapeanut does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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