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Hello, friends! The name's Sam, and I've been a member of 3DSPlaza for a couple of years. I'm currently 17. I never really get online anymore; however, I do occasionally check in, so feel free to PM me. (Preferably with something more than 'hi')

You can follow/DM me on Instagram

Also PLEEASSEEE forgive me if I don't remember your real name or original account at first. I'm only on every once and awhile so I don't remember a lot of people easily, it's nothing personal.

Every time I get on this website I get nostalgic as heck. I'm now a senior and some of my youngest memories throughout middle school was making friends on this site, and I'm glad to still have these friendships because of 3DSPlaza.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4339-2957-8975

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