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Hey y'all! It's really strange coming back to something that shaped my childhood in such a strange way. It'll be 8 years here in December and though I saw the rise and fall of Plaza I am so grateful for all of the people I met. It's strange to come back after so long and I really don't think I will much, but it makes me a little 2014 emo to think about it all. Thanks to everyone I met here who shaped my growing up. 10 year old me was someone I don't think I could put up with so you all are saints for doing so. Till next time my dudes. Also, if you're an old friend and want to keep in touch, PM me! Hopefully, you'll have social media that I have as well.
Here’s a little edit haha: I came back after recently graduating and it’s sad to see how small this community has shrunk to. I can’t believe how vivid my old memories are still. Find me on discord @lyvkrueg#4575 if you’re an old friend see ya plaza <3
-Purplehopper aka Lyv

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