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About me:
the picture that i set as my avatar was drawn by my friend for my birthday i'm so happy look at how cute it is <3

best show

if you have the game "MOE Can Change! ~Me & MyRoid~" i'm Hebba on there
in case there are duplicates, my two myroids are Yuki and Yowane Haku (so original lol)
bother the living daylights out of them if you want
if you've never heard of this game before, and/or you're curious about it, here's the website for it:
if you register, please use my ID: 201072727663

incomplete profile
i was fixing it up little by little, but my laptop died so it's gonna stay incomplete for a while rip
so far, it looks best on pc though there's barely much

image credit show
the background image was made by me in MikuMikuDance and Krita using Jakkaeront's ported/transferred model of Lillie
i also posted it on my tumblr, but i won't link it because it has some inappropriate things sprinkled in here and there bah
just look up hebbalikesfood and you'll find my blog pretty easily

actual about me section show
hi i'm hebba
i'm 20
although i'm a girl, my voice sounds weird
i am the babysitter in my house
i really like the color blue
also i'm too lazy to properly write in english
my birthday is June 11th
i draw too much

random fact about me:
yowane haku is my waifu

Contacts show
Kik: pokefangirllikesfood
Skype: pokefangirllikesfood
Instagram: HebbaLikesFood
Email: not sure if i'm allowed to give that out; do people get banned for showing their full name lol
YouTube: Hubba Bubba and Having a crapload of fun with MikuMikuDance/MikuMikuMoving
will add more in a bit

css idk what i'm doing bleh i'm testing this out show

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