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About me:
I'm one of those people who are pretty chill bout erthing.

I like to chew gum and play football

I am a funny person. I like to make people laugh all the time. And they do.

I make friends very easily, trust me, you\'ll love me.

People usually forgive me right away. I do things im not suppose to. Im very annoying to guys and girls. I guess you can say I am simple-minded.

I like to dance even when there is no music.

I like taking pictures of things. I like to watch netflix and chill. And I like to play computer games. I also like to go out with my friends and just hang.

I also have a very wild, creative,imagination for a teenager. I have the brain of a 10 year old. And people watch out, I am VERY flirty. I am also very curious.

There will be alot more added to my profile I swear my niqqa! Late!

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