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• Hello there human, welcome to my profile. •

Feel free to DM me whenever you want! My timezone is (BST)!

• If you'd like, continue reading my profile. •

Social Medias show
★ YouTube: Joisu

☆ Instagram: _jxisu

★ Wattpad: _jxisu

☆ Discord: _jxisu#6854

★ Best to contact me on Discord!

Basic Introduction show
☆ Name: Joyce (Preferably Joisu)

★ Age: 13

☆ DOB: 21/9

★ Zodiac: Virgo

☆ Likes: Creating vids, playing Minecraft, sleeping and talking with peeps (mainly online, I'm a introvert).

★ Side note: I used to have my own 2Ds but it broke, so I'm using my sister's 2Ds. Also reason I'm online is becuase I have my phone and laptop taken away from me when I need to sleep, so I just use my sister's 2Ds lol.

Favourite Games! show
★1. Minecraft

☆2. Animal Crossing New Leaf

★3. Roblox

☆4. Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

★5. Wii Sports Resort

☆6. Wii Party

★7. Wii Sports

☆8. Gang Beasts

★9. Animal Crossing HHD

☆10. Animal Crossing City Folk

jxisuwu does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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