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I might as well fill this out well then about me my favorite color is green I suck at spelling so if I spell something wrong get of my back I'll notice an keep going back fix it until I get right. My name is Justin not giving you my last name I live in Indiana. I'll accept all friend request my initials are JJF. PG language only on my profile please and thank you kids are on this site I have no problem if its in a private message just not to much pleas and thank you. My birthday is 05-9-97 you can also find me on minecraft username is justinfitz0597. In my opinion a riddle is were a question and a puzzle meet so here is a riddle what is a riddle if a riddle is not a riddle pm me your answers this is a riddle of my own creation simple if you don't over think it I'll find or make a new one when someone answers correctly.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 3609-1814-2218

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