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About me:

Hello. I'm Ian. I'm single and straight.


We search for resources to combine all of the clans to create UltraClan, and to possibly recreate LightClan!

Leader: Thunderstar (Me)

Deputy: Yellowfur (Me)
Apprintence, Scratchpaw


Warriors: Dragonclaw (BladeMaster)

Apprintices: Scratchpaw (Me)

Medicine Cat:


Border Clans: PlanetClan (silveon)
GalaxyClan (Poisonthorn)
CloudClan (Eminie)

As you see, not many cats, but I hope to change that! Sign-up in comments!

People I like show
spadeguy - Great story writer. And he accepted my freind request.

FluxerCry - Three words: Official. Writing. Contest.

mega & Bean - Funniest fourm mods I've seen. Bean also makes great stories.

silveon - We do a few roleplays with eachother. DarkClan & PlanetClan UNITE!

Robbieiscool - Creates the Retarted Story Mondays stories. Also great with crappypasta.

FancyPancy - Great story writer. Here and SDK.

Slenderman - (X)

Roleplay Characters show
He has short, brown hair with blue eyes. He wears a black T-shirt with a PokeBall on it. He also usually wears ripped jeans. His iPhone is blue with a cracked screen. He also has a light blue DSi. He generally takes a gun with himself.
Blaze also has short brown hair, but red eyes. He will wear all sorts of clothing to fit in. He is a Universe Jumper, meaning he can go to any universe. His race originated on the planet Flame, but he was born in Britian (really, no one knows where he comes from, he just says he is British and has a British accent).

"I am epicpwner2003... and I am REBORN!"

-My edit of a Doctor Who quote

epicpwner2003 does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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