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About me:
Name: Kassy
Age: 19!!!
B-Day: March 3
I Live In Canada! What Province? Ontario :/

About Me..? show
1. I Love Playing Guitar
2. I Love To Draw
3. I Like To Sing
4. I Love Writing Stories
5. I Love The Animes Bleach, Inuyasha, Soul Eater, The 7 Deadly Sins, Twin Star Exorcists[, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online/blue]
6. I Smoke /: Don't Judge Because I Have A Lot Of Stress
[blue]I LOVE Pokémon!

I'll Add More Later

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iMessage; PM Me
Snapchat; PM Me
Wattpad; XxBlackFirexX
Facebook; PM Me
Instagram; Flarez2437, _angeloffire_

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I’ll Add Some Pics When I Have Time

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19. Post More Pics c; Note: I'll Post More Pics When I Can. I've Been Busy Lately
20. Anything You Want To Say
21. None Of The Above

Fav. Sports show
I Really Enjoy Playing Hand Ball. It's Awesome, And I'm Good At It

July 27, 2014 show
I Was Assaulted On This Day

Best Friends show
My Best Friends Are; Collsier!!! Love You Buddy

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Updated: August 13/2019

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