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I play animal crossing new leaf i used to have a gamecube it broke i have a wii i have a 3ds i am thinking of getting a nintendo 64 so i can play the old banjo kazoe game i used to have on nintendo 64 I am going to try to get the pokemon xy. I already have pokemon soulsilver for my Nintendo 3ds. Just to let you know I dont have internet on my 3ds it is broken i have internet on my dsi thouh. I can still play games on my 3ds. Oh and u should try to streetpass me. My Real name is Roger nice meeting you! Other games that I like to play are Minecraft for the computer grand theft auto four Animal Crossing Gamecube Animal Crossing Wild World Animal Crosing City Folk and last but not least Animal Crossing New leaf If u have any of the games friend code me. We just got us a chimpmunk to keep the chimpmunk we found was under the wooden things. It lost its home so we took it as a pet. If u ever find a chimpmunk feed it blueberries watermelon rasberries and if it need to use the bathroom use some paper and u could also feed it hay. For a drink use water. Use something like a hamster cage.[NEW UPDATE] I havent ben able to log in because password error but it works now so sorry friends and people! :/ ... {GAME UPDTE) I got a new game called pokemon omega ruby. Just to let u know you need a sd card to play pokemon omega ruby. Oh and if the yellow black or whatever the lock slider collor is if its broken just put tape on the sd card slider [were it says lock] not to much and it will be fixed. If there is a problem with the sd card just let me know! [Story Update] you can make storys using comments below hope you can make one. I used to live in 3413 Wincheaster Drive Owensboro Kentucky I am going to be in band soon and in middle school soon i am twelve years old. [GAME UPDATE] I got a new game called the amazing spiderman 2. And i got a power ups rewards card now. Bye the way Jhon Cena is my brother. I like to skate board play board games watch tv [cartoon network racing and more

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