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I just LOVE pokemon. and these are some:Black, White2,Platinum and Heart gold. U Can't Beat ME. my favorite color is green i love minecraft and i play kart7 I DON'T TAKE RANDOM FRIEND REQUESTES ANY MOREWhere i live up your butt around the corner my name is Jaiden i'm a boy... Duh .........fav pokemon you can see MY POKEMON WILL KICK YOUR have a nice daypeace!

Working on pf...

me doing the wipp ahhh show

What haha trolololololol you thought i was going to do the wipp haha you guess'n

are mods being nasty touch my hair? You should be ashamed do you kiss your mother with that mouth? And aleks Murrder him? Whats your problem?

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 3411-0624-5052

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