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Well, it appears you have stumbled upon my, desolate profile. I gave up on Rping a long time ago, but, I might do it from time to time. :/

Anyways, there's not much to know about me. I play TF2 and MW2 occasionaly, I do Taekwondo and I like to read and write short storys from time to time. Don't except me to come on often, I have a heavy school work load every day. So yeah. I also have a Misdew which is CrimsonKovac
Rp Characters show

Name: Phoenix
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 4"
Backstory: Not much is known about Pheonix. He was born and raised in the Adirondack mountains near the border of Canada and the United States. Eventually, he found his way into the military and was selected for a special program. He is the leader of a squad called Jackal. Jackal is mostly a recon unit or sometimes an assault unit. Jackal is the first to be deployed in any and all warzones across Earth.
Weaponry: Pheonix uses a variety of weapons which can include the following.
TMR23: A semi automatic rifle that fires 40 caliber AP rounds plated with Tungsten.

SLAR001: SLAR001 rounds travel at the last meter at extremely high speed through Center of Mass Displacement technology. Recorded speeds of the 125mm SLAR rounds usually travel at 100,000 meters per second, enough to punch through anything.

HEHAR :The HEHAR uses a large fusion power cell to generate bolts of high energy plasma.

HCMT40: An experimental version of the HCM40 that fires dangerous thermal rounds capable of destroying 2 feet of solid Titanium steel alloy.

Jagafaust T-187: The Jagafaust T-187 generates super hot plasma bolts designed to cut through anything. SLBC power technology allows the Jagafaust to fire multiple times without needing a recharge.

ED Proton Arc: The ED Proton Arc fires a single beam of highly charged particles at the closet entity classified as hostile. The muzzle and trigger part of the gun is connected to a large cable that's on the battery pack located either on the side of the user's hip or back.

Armory: Pheonix wears a Titan RIN HUD helmet which covers the entirety of his head. The visor is jet black and under the visor is an gas mask with two filters and part of the nose piece sticking out a bit. The rest of the helmet is light charcoal grey. He also wears a Ribicon Hardplate Chest Piece. The Hardplate chest piece is comprised of many different plates of a Tungsten Chromuim mix. Dispite from being big, it's light and somewhat flexible. It's color is usually whatever fits where he is. All around his limbs are pieces of armor designed to fit a preticular part off the body. They're mainly made of Wurtzite Boron Nitride. Much like the Hardplate chest piece, it's color is usually whatever fits where he is.

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