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About me:
Hello! My name is RWQFSFASXC (Or RXQ for short) and I like eating lint.

Places to contact me:
Skype: cetus.sandiego (SAY YOUR FROM PLAZA)
Discord: justRXQ#3249 (SAY YOUR FROM PLAZA)
Twitter: @justsenjay

Heres who I RP!

Age: ??? (presumeably 13)
Orientation: Rabbit
Sex: ??? (He says male

This is RXQ, a 3 foot ghost rabbit with the brain as random as a randomizer. Aside from his ...rather odd personality, RXQ is a rather kind fellow, He avoids danger whenever faced with it and isn't much of a fighter but will support you no matter what.
Haunting (Will summon a ghost to freeze you un your place for awhile)
Gift Boxes (Boxed presents that will revive you once if you die)
Mimic Ball (Summons his friend Virtua-Freddy)

RXQ can also glitch out like a broken game. He can clip through walls, walk upside down and hit you with any of his body parts. Be careful, as he is a VERY unpredictable fellow.

Name: Virtua-Freddy (Or Vickarson)
Age: Ageless
Sex: Hes a digital bear.
Orientation: see sex.

Virtua-Freddy is RXQs friend and mentor. Hes older than RXQ despite having no age at all. Hes the...rather sane one out of the two and will give RXQ advice and translate his binary code.

RWQFSFASXC's friends:
RWQFSFASXC doesn't have any friends yet.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4399-2985-8492

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