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Drake A master of all firearms, he's a deadly gunslinger, with multiple powers, skills and friends in the right place, if you fight him, expect to not be alone. combat efficiency: ALL GUNS including launchers Age: 22 but in human years: 44,000 height:5'7 Skin color:White (Depends) Gender:male Hair color:white Eye color: Orange with Red around the pupil Powers:Flying,Regeneration,Fire species: Ashik Nexara Quote: "I don't live a normal life, I take bullets for people, that's what a soldier does, with honor."

Orion show
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Orion is the master of blade, one of the most skilled of his kind, capable of using any melee weapon from swords to war axes to ring blades, just like Drake, Orion has special powers of his own ,and he knows how to use them all, although he's dangerous, he's more layed back than his younger brother Drake.(He's always with Drake, well he's his older brother) Eye color: Violet Skin color: Peach Weapons: ALL MELEE weapons Height: 6,4 (Specialties): Super Speed, Ethereal phase and Hair color: Brown
Quote: "You're lucky it's me you're with and not Drake, unlike him, I talk things out."

Tonya show
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Tonya age:18 gender:Female Skin color palish white Eye color: (left)Cyan (right)Hazel height: around 6 ft. Quote: "Give me a gun, I'll make a pistol look amazing."

Sid show
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Sid is guy with deadshot accuracy, though he doesn't use guns, he has throwing weapons at his disposal and a killer throw. Ageepends on timeline of the rp. Eye color: Lime Hair color: Redish blonde Weapon of choice: Anything he can throw, Ninja Stars, Glaives, Boomerangs, anything. Height: Depends on timeline in rp. Skin color: pale white

Alikaru show
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Alikaru is a angel, not one that is nice, she's got a ton of blades and melee weapons at her arsenal, with a short fuse. Age: Looks to be 18 or 20, Personality: Rather nice, util you set her off. AKA She's easy to anger.(You don't want that.) Weapons of choice: From swords to gun lances, she'll use it. Just like Orion. Quote:"I'm not the angel that grants wishes. I'll open more wounds than mend."

Naomi Sogeki-Sha show
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Naomi is a woman with 2 lives, one as a medical scientists, the other as a G.H.O.S.T. on of the most dangerous divisions of the US Army, though the war's never changed her, that's the scary part. Age: looks to be 18 or 20 Weapons: SMG's Pistols, marksman rifles and sniper rifles Personality: Sweet, loving and sometimes romantic, unless she's out on the battlefield, then she's cold blooded. But good thing is, she can control her act. Quote:"I live two different life's, and I seem to get the best out of it."

Nyala show
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Nyala is Naomi's little sister, she was born physically mute, but that didn't really hurt her, she found a alternative to communication. Age: Looks to be around 18 to 16 Weapons: She doesn't use any, she isn't the fighter type Personality: Unpredictable but sweet when you get to know her. Also She's physically mute, but she has a device which allows her to speak using thoughts, and the audio is through this transmitter. Quote: "I'm not magical, this thing is!"

Sarah show
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Sarah, Forged in the labs, the location unknown, ever since she was 6 she was taken from her parents, they experimented on her, tortured her, she still will never forget the torment they put her through, now that they created her, they want her dead. age: looks to be 16 to 18 Personality: Shy, but kind of nice when she begins to trust you Weapons: HERSELF(She's heavily weaponized) Quote:"I may look like a normal person to you, but really... I'm a monster..."

Nicky show
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Nicky Age: Looks to be 16 or 17 Hair color: brown Eye color: Hazel Weapons: Her staff(She casts magic with with out hurting herself) and her own Magic. Generally has her older brother Michael with him. Personality: Seems to be Shy but actually kind. Quote:"Don't mistake me for a goddess, I'm a mere wizard or mage to be precise." Nic

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