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About me:
I have aloud this profile to be viewed by everybody as I don't really come on this site anymore but if you really do want to speak to me send me an email: or message me on Discord: Millennium Alpha#4892

Name: Alex

Sex: Male

Age: 13

Fav Colour: Crimson

Location: Scotland, United Kingdom

H4D Account: MilleniumAlpha aka YKYS

Hobby: Going outside

·-OC List-·

Miles Heldens aka Pluto
Age: 27
Fav Colour: Green
Back Story: Nother died of Stage 4 Lung cancer, all is lost for him. The rest is gone for him. *INFORMATION LOST*
Sex: Male
Information: He is a skilled archer with stealthily reflexes. Gets emotionally stressed out if he looses something very important about him. Half human, half ghost vampire.
From the modern world, but can travel into any year!
Quote: War is power. Peace is silent.

Age: 33
Fav Colour: Red
Backstory: Born in the underworld in medieval times.
Sex: Male
Information: Species is a ghost vampire, was sent to the modern world.
Immune to getting burned by sunlight. Shy, Quiet, Learned Martial Arts & works alone.
Quote: Never make mistakes that you were told to do.

Age: Unkown
Fav Colour: Purple
Backstory: Was created by an AI Engineer called,"Aidrian Thomas"
Sex: Female
Information: Is Glitchy's AI friend. Is cheerful all the time.
Quote: Never give up!

Leon McLaren aka Glitchy
Age: 22
Fav Colour: Black
Backstory: Was in a lab accident that lead him to hack and to go inside any computer. His only friend is FAIL_SAFE.
Sex: Male
Information: Is heavily wanted for his powers. Can be very shy and dosn't that much. Wears a mask that shows his emotions through emote eye screen on the mask.
Quote: Stay Strong

Leviathan aka Max Manser
Age: Unkown
Fav Colour: Grey
Backstory: Was in the same lab accident as Glicthy but got shadow powers.
Sex: Male
Information: Unkown. But he has been seen by River Song.
Quote: Your afraid of the dark but, I'm more than the dark.

River Song
Age: 38
Fav Colour: Pink
Backstory: Was born with powers that can do time travel, control time and space. Travel through dimensions and universe aka the multiverse.
Sex: Female
Information: She is very kind hearted and she is also an Elve.
Quote: You're lucky to be alive!

Lord Shaxx
Age: 57
Fav Colour: Red
Backstory: Born in a poor family, he ventured out to train as a Lord.
Sex: Male
Information: Once Lord Shaxx became a Lord, he went on an adventure to find his long lost brother. When he found his big brother he trained him into being a Lord, which his brother became Lord Saladin.
Quote: Lets trade punches, I'll let you go first!

Lord Saladin
Age: 62
Fav Colour: Crimson
Backstory: When about 3 years old he ran away, but much later on his younger brother Lord Shaxx found him and trained him into a Lord.
Sex: Male
Information: Lord Saladin & Lord Shaxx were taken from their time into the future by River Song to help others in need in the future. Lord Saladin took an interest in Blacksmithing!
Quote: Fire needs oxygen to stay burning. People need Oxygen to stay alive.

Age: Unkown
Fav Colour: Unkown
Backstory: Born from the depths of hell.
Sex: Female
Information: She is now currently sleeping in rest but will awake soon. An entity that will destroy anything in her path!
Quote: Face it, there is nothing else to do now.

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