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Hey all, Max here. Here's a little bit about me: I am normally shy and quiet, preferring to stay in the background(if you've seen me in the RP chat, you'd know that's true) and will only speak unless spoken to. I like to rp and all, so don't be afraid to ask to RP with me. Go ahead and post comments asking this and that, but let's get one thing straight: Do NOT say anything bad about me or my friends on my page. Your comment will be deleted the moment I see it and if you are friends with me, I will instantly delete you from my list. Do not try and get me back as a friend if you already lost my trust. These are the characters I've come up with for RP's and the like:
Sasilia show
She's a cute little 7 year old. She has a big and loving heart that is full of generosity. Her true personality is unknown. She shows to be extremly brave, quiet, nice and kind; she is very sensitive for those she feels sorry for. She is observant and perceptive; she has a strong sense of justice and generosity. She is quick to anger; she is short-tempered, aggressive, blunt and stands her ground; can be arrogant and confident. Her words have bite, and she isn't afraid to speak her mind. She is loyal anf protective to those she has made an impression on, like all of her friends. To her sister, she is a remodel. She has short, chocolate brown hair with eyes to match. She's tall and lean for her age, not to mention she has a little tan.

Salyx show
Oh, what to say, what to say? Well, for starters, Salyx is a very sassy 14 year old. She doesn't take kindly to lazy people and will most likely smack them upside the head and tell them to get to work. She is seriously, and I mean serioulsy, protective over her little sister, Andante, since she's been taking care of her since their world got destroyed. She makes sure that Andante is safe and sound, all tucked away in bed before she has a chance to relax, and even then she's still on edge. I guess you can't blame her since she doens't know if she and her sister will survive the night. Salyx has long chocolate brown hair with stone cold eyes to match. She is tall and lean, has a little tan and a tiny build. A portion of her bangs is longer than her hair and they cover her right eye. She is a lean, mean, fighting machine that should not be messed with. You can have silveon vouch for that....
Weapon of choice: Bond of Flame and Lea's Keyblade

Andante show
She too is a sweet little 7 year old with a big heart, she is also Salyx's younger sister. Unlike her sister, she is more mellow and cheerful, always seen with a smile on her face. She is a great person to be around if you need to be cheered up and will understand, to an extent, any problem you may have. Andante is a spitting image of her older sister, yet she has a golden tint to her chocolate brown eyes and hair.
Weapon of choice: Nature's Wrath Keybalde and Angel's Song Keyblade

Alyx show
She is a cute and adorable little 9 year old with a lot of spunk. In truth, she is actually one out of two other siblings and is Salyx's daughter, but when her mother is older. Her other sisters, Ulixis and Faye, are always seen together and are pretty much identical. The only way to tell them apart is by the dyed ends of their hair. The ends of Alyx's hair are artic blue, the color of her father's eyes. She has light brown hair and brown eyes. She is older than her sisters by 1 hour.
Weapon of choice: A set of knives she holds between her fingers (look up Larxene's knives)

Ulixis show
Like her sister Alyx, Ulixis is also 9 years old. She is quieter than Alyx, but not as quiet as Faye. She does what she's told, most of the time, and gets her job done with little or no complaint. She is sweet as can be, but she is a hand full. Let's leave it at that. To tell her apart from her sisters, look for her red-tipped hair contrasting against her light marron hair; her eyes are a beautiful auburn color. She is older than Faye by an hour and younger than Alyx by an hour.
Weapon of choice: A scythe (look up Marluxia's scythe)

Faye show
She is the youngest out of her two siblings, but she is also the sweetest. She has the sweetness and fierceness of her mother, but also the defensive nature of her dad. She has made an impression on her mother's mentor, so much that he treats her like a princess, yet she is still getting an education. She is loved by everyone, which gets on her sisisters' nerves. She is a mini version of her mother, having her chocolate brown hair and eyes. The tips of her hair are dyed sea-green, mainly because that color is the eye color of her and her mother's mentor. She is younger than Ulixas by an hour and younger than Alyx by two hours.
Weapon of choice: A Keyblade(name to be decided) and a chakram she uses in her left hand

Mistyeyes show

Mistyeyes is a silverish-grey she-cat with white gloved paws who has beautiful and bright artic blue eyes. She is a shy and quiet girl, but if you can coax her out of her shell, she is a very happy cat. She is a wicked good warrior and has the minds of a genius. She can plan out an enemies movements and intercept them and cut their move off before they have a chance to execute the move. She is a force to be reckoned with, so don't get on her bad side. She is a little diverse form the other cats, having a white crescent moon on her chest with the round side facing the right.

Lost Ones show

The Lost ones are long dead wolves of all species, including ones that lived long ago in prehistoric times. They are those who are not at rest, who have been done wrong during their lives on earth and wish to have their wrongs rightened. They are transparent looking wolves, like their just ghosts, but the only thing you're able to see from them is their eyes. However, they can be fully colored to look like they are a real living wolf. Another difference to them is that they have wings which they can use to fly with. They are about 9 to 15 feet across.

Falbed Mystery show

Fabled Mystery, otherwise known as Fable, is a perfect example of a Lost One. She has been dead for over 1,000 years and what makes her being a Lost One has not been resolved yet. While her parents and friends are frolicking around in Heaven, she's doomed to be on earth for who knows how long. She is, however, the sweetest thing you could ever meet, wanting to do nothing more than to be friends with you. She does have an explosive temper if you do happen to make her mad though, so I'd advise you to be careful if you make her mad.

Athena show


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