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Name : CaRRiSa
I Cheer Varsity, HHS Bulldogs
Im a nice person to a certain extent
-I love Marilyn Monroe
I Got Miness .
Twinny // Kaay
Bestiee // Imanii
Shootaa // Tyraa

I dont always text back
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I dont care anymore !

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Bae don get mad I opened one of ur pms but I peeped this message
From: problem123456
Subject: sexy
u try a be bae cus mmoommy u bhadd ass heell let me do u too righ ----one he doesn't even spell right and then he going to act like we bros and leave some stupid comment nigga u got the first time right she sexy asf but she not for u nigga u can barely spell

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 11-07-14

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