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Haha. Let the TESTING begin...

Who to choose...(RP) show

March Rebound show

)Age - 18 )Gender - M )Looks - 5' 11.5", Dirty blond, ocean-blue eyes, band-aids which cover nearly 25% of his face, and a usual throw-on shirt and jeans. Converse shoes are added into the mix. )Weaponry - His only weapon consists of a hidden knife stuffed in his pack.

Negative Zero show

)Age - ?? )Sex - M )Looks - A human being stuffed inside a robot's body. His face is covered by a series of facewear which includes: 1) A mask underneath all of the mess, 2) A scarf to cover over his missing right eye, and 3) A bandana to cover his scarred mouth. )Weaponry - Carries two heavily modified pistols which the modifications make them silent killers and a blade 3 cm thick and 2 feet in length as the edges are diamond-tipped, unstoppable.

Mood Meter -
Red - Pissed
Blue - Depressed
Black - Tired
Pink - Lovestruck
Green - Happy
Yellow - Ray of Sunshine
White - Neutral

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I really don't know anymore...

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