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The question beyond questions.....YAY! show
Nows the time to put your skillz to the test, though it will be hard, yo mus preserver! Oh you don't know what I'm talking about? THIS! ya uhmm....that... Cool....

Lilith show
Name: Lilith Satoki Age: 16yrs old personality: She is nice, funny, cute, quiet, and she is fast. Weapons: She carries around a strange katana like knife, that folds perfectly to fit in her pocket, and has a pistol(with scope and a silencer) strapped to her belt, she carries dozens of bullets, it is currently unknown where she keeps them .-. When she is in deep trouble, she will throw what seems like razor blade rocks? A small arts and craft toy she made, containing a heavy rock, with razor blades smashed in it, she still has cuts bruises and scars all over her arms from when she made them, she has 25 of them(no wonder she holds so many scars and bruises).
Bio: Lilith is a Pisces, so she is nice to everyone, and like a dog, no matter how bad she is treated, she still thinks that you are nice. Lilith was abandoned as a child, because her parents didn't want her in the beginning. She grew up everywhere, and never stayed in one place. When she was 7 she was attacked, and almost killed by a couple of gang members who were angered that she was in their territory. She lives in the shadows, always afraid of who or what could be behind her, she is very tactical when it comes to escaping danger, because of this, she is a very well needed member in a survival team.She always thinks negative, never positive, and always considers only the bad things that could happen in doing something, she fears what people think of her, and tries to be who everyone wants her to be. She doesn't like loud noises, or being yelled at. If she is comfortable around someone, she tends to be more outgoing, but will always say something bad that could happen. She fights only when in danger(serious danger) She can run extremely fast, but it is the normal speed of about an animal(this is normal, there are people who can run very fast) She has a thing about her that causes everyone to want to be her friend.

Lily & Lucy!! show

#1 name: Lily Sakatori age: 2-5 personality: shy, careless, playful, little girl she is very careless, and she is lily when she was younger
Name: Lucy Jones Age: 4 personality: sweet, shy, innocent, timid. Bio: She is Lily's little sister{by only 4 hours} She is all Lily has, and is occasionally in an rp where Lily relives her death, over and over again.

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