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I'm me. No surprise there, really, but anyway. I play guitar, viola, and piano, draw manga, skateboard, and play videogames. I also am a huge anime fan, especially Blue Exorcist and Naruto.

School: You think I'm gonna tell you?

Age: Undisclosed

City: Honestly, why are you still reading these.

Get rekt. Oh, by the way, I've stopped listening. Why haven't YOU stopped talking? Remind me again, who the heck are you? Where was I...

Oh yeah, your homework's in the fridge, don't ask. I edited it for you! Blank answers are the best. You're welcome.

If you're still reading this, you need to find something better to do with your time. Well, looks like you're gonna be late. I just wasted around... 35 seconds of your life that you're never gonna get back. Well, thanks for reading this. Lovely chat. xxxxxxxxxxx
My OC's: Kieronomo, a ninja type character that relies mainly on fire type attacks, wears a black robe with red clouds (Akatsuki) so yeah. Next we have:
The Pyromaster. A character of unknown origin who is able to control fire and heat, subsequently giving control over magma and paryially the geosphere. Obviously able to withstand high temperatures, he can engulf his entire body in flame.
Fate: A character that wears a hooded cloak that can change colors. Prefers to avoid fights, can heal dead people and originates from The Void.

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