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About me:
Hey guys and welcome to my profile! I'm a 18 year old female doll. For anyone who did not know: I revealed that I was female like, a year ago. Also, lots of people know this, but I simply LOVE to rp. If anyone wants to rp, I would be waiting in the Rp chatroom. Thats all about me. Lets go to the Rp characters.

I have 5 Rp characters:

Tails Doll show
Tails Doll: This rp character is one of my favorites. I like to use this one a lot. Equipment: Claws (of course), Scythe, Crystal (life force and weapon). Friends: People who think he is not evil. Skills: Crystal hell, and Screams of Fear. This Tails Doll is somewhat nice.....if you're nice to him. He has been after Tails for so long not very many ppl remember. Thats all for this character.

Battle theme:

More info to come soon.

Gallade show
Gallade: He is very quiet most of the time, but sometimes rambles on and on. He is very kind to others, while in the past abused himself. Abandoned by his past trainer, his giving kindness he has never experienced himself. Equipment: Arm Blades (weapon and advantage). Skill(s): Spin Blade and X Slash. Friends: All he is kind to.

Battle theme:

More info to come.

Shiazaku show
This character is kinda rare for me to use at times. Bio: This character is a very rare encounter in the wild. Skills: Million Bites, Tail, Claw Combo, Tail Combo, Million Claws, Tail Lash, Burning Roll, and Fire Bomb.

Battle theme:

Hanaysa show
This is an odd character.

Bio: She can somehow break Pokemon logic. She digs around a lot. She may pop out of the ground sometimes. She is very clumsy, and was pretty much born with bad luck. She has been knocked off buildings, set on fire, and even pulled out of a plane, and she somehow survives. The one who also causes this sometimes is her sister. She is now married to Adeps: Speda's OC.

Powers: Can control Black lightning. Her sister can control Purple lightning.

Equipment: None

Battle theme:

More info to come.

Hanaysa's Nightmare mode show

Sabrina show

(!) Sabrina show

Bio: She is the sister of Hanaysa. She has a very mixed up personality. Some even consider she has MPD at times. She can go from all happy and such, to mischievous and bad.

Powers: She controls Purple Lightning.

More info later.

Those are all my rp characters.

Have a nice day!

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 1693-3489-5344

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