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About me:
Hey, I just uploaded a picture of me to my DeviantArt, feel free to check it out! (:

Hey, welcome to my profile~
-Name: (Ask?)
-Eye Color: Dark Brown (Look black)
-Gender: Male ♂
-Age: 15 (10-11-01)
-Height: 5'7"
-Sexuality: Homosexual(Gay)
(More to be added later)

I'm never on here much to chat, so if you do want to talk, please PM me. (: ..I promise I won't bite~ <3

RP Character Information
Bloo is a black wolf with emerald green eyes. He has a neon blue bolt-pattern strip running down from his head to his tail. All of Bloo's fur is electrically charged, so expect a small harmless shock when petting him. Bloo can emit strong electric bursts if startled, extremely happy, or mad. Bloo is very shy, so it may take a lot of patience when trying to befriend him. If you manage to become friends, he'll create a small mark on you, symbolizing lifelong loyalty and protection. Bloo's powers include telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, the ability to manipulate electricity, predict the future, see through objects, and pyrokinesis.

Rate me!~
1.) I hate you...
2.) Okay
3.) Friend?
4.) Bestie
5.) Sassy
6.) Funny
7.) Cute X3
8.) Hawt (Good joke )
9.) Cuddle?
10.) Other (Tell me! cx )

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 2638-4004-0264

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