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Hey, I Wanted To Say That I Love You, You're My Best Friend And You Have Always Been Here For Me When I Need It You. I Still Remember The Times We Had Back Then, It Was Really Fun Also When You Were Like Kidding About Something I Took It Literally Cuz I Thought You Were Being Serious And It Hurted Me D: But I Wasn't Gonna Let You Go Just Like That. I Wonder If You Remember When We Fought Saying That Tacos Were Better Then Nachos That Was Stupid. You're Good At Keeping A Conversation Too Way Better Then Me, Even If It's Not Weird The First Time I Saw You I Freaked Out Cuz... I Thought You Were A 'Dude' I'm Writing Random Stuff Cx But Yea You're Beautiful, Sweet, Sensitive And A Really Great Bestie, I Love You I'm Running Out Of Ideas I'll Keep Coming And Add More Ok? Cx Oh And Also I Got To Get A Nickname For You If I Ever Come With One Is Gonna Be Terrible But Anyway I'm Stopping, My Fingers Hurt D: Or Nah.
So Yea Stay Out There, I Love You ;* ~ Tony

Relationship: Its complicated v.v

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Fag. e.e

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