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About me:


Me: Owlstar. Dark brown she cat with black stripes and green eyes. Apprentice, Stormpaw.
Popstar20: Darkmoon, Black she cat with yellow eyes with a touch of red and razor sharp claws. New deputy(still same person, different cat.)
Apprentice, Moonpaw.
Medicine cat:
SethL: Eagle-eye, brown tom with unusually keen sense of sight.
Crisisreborn: Blizzardpelt, white tom with faded gray splotches. Has a scar above his left eye and is blind in that eye. Few scratches on thigh and green eye(s). Former deputy of Nightclan.

NightSerpent: Shadowstripe, black she cat with stripes running down pass and tail. Green eyes, scar across pelt, can't see scar well because of her pelt color.

Anna2002: Goldenheart, a small gold pelted she cat.

Mosspelt(my cousin who helped me with the name) A light gray she cat with blue eyes. She is really kind.

monstercat: Midnight, Black pelt, green eyes, scar like lightning bolt.
Maddie23: Blossomnose - A black she cat with blue eyes. Her sense of smell is great.

Shinyleaf, redflower 22 moons, a pretty ginger she cat with green eyes and white front paws
Arceon, Nightshade, white pelt and red eyes. Great at hunting.
Silveon: Moonpaw, sleek black she cat with a crescent moon of white fur on forehead, has abilities of all clans.
Purplehopper, Stormpaw, silver she cat with peircing blue eyes, curious and smaller than most apprentices and is quite adventurous
Thunderpaw, black tom cat with yellow stripes, black and yellow tail, former apprentice of ThunderClan.
LightBlu1: Pinepaw: Black and white tabby she-apprentice with turquoise eyes. She is a very good hunter, also strong and communicates with her brother in StarClan sometimes.


If you want to have parents, siblings, other relatives, whatever in starclan. Just comment their character/info below and I will add it to starclan cats! Also if you know anyone that likes warriors, ask them to join. We accept everyone.

We got a new apprentice Pinepaw(LightBlu1), Please welcome them!

Starclan cats:
Cloudstar-Founder of cloudclan. Owlstar's father.

Fernshade-Cloudstar's mate. Owlstar's mother. Died by badger.

Leafkit and Hollowkit-Owlstar's brother and sister. Died at birth.

Name: Talonclaw Info: Former deputy of CloudClan, Brown tabby-tom who's eye-sight was unusually keen, father of Eagle-eye.

Silverheart, platinum colored she cat with yellow eyes. 2nd Former deputy. (D: )

Orangepelt, orange she-cat with scar over right eye. Former ThunderClan queen. Thunderpaw's sibling. Died from Twoleg attack.

Nightfeather: A black tom with striking green eyes. He was killed by saving a kittypet from a monster. He is/was Shadowstripe's brother.

Dirtpaw: Brown tabby tom with green eyes. He was killed by a Twoleg monster when he was 3 moons into training. Pinepaw's brother.

Cloudclan's territory, a large open space with trees here and there. With a couple streams. A unused twoleg house lies on the border. Herbs grow there. There is a pile of rocks on the border opposite of the twoleg house. No cat knows why they are. It is assumed twoleg put them there.

Eminie does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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