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Salutations mortals, I am not an avaerage teenager for I am dark and to some, creepy

Rp characters
Ace show
Meet Ace, a *Cough*Hot*Cough* polite steampunk human who owns the most dangerous weapons and devices.He always wears steampunk clothing but the clothing always changes.

Danny show
Danny...A goth boy who can shift to a cat. But demonic o.o .He can teleport and mutate. Danny has longish black hair and all black clothes.

I can tell you. I was CatRage, RagingKitty, whatevername I had and you known me as.That account gotten erased due to my absence of months. So those who donn't know me now, I am her and this is my now forever account...I'm not new,I know how to work this site.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 3110-4878-1987

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