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Peter (sometimes goes by datboi, PBJ, etc.)

You may call me by my first name if you would like...

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If your really desperate to know my age shoot me a PM. I'll let you know that I am probably younger than most of you, but don't think I'm 7 because I'm a teen...

What I am like show
I'm pretty calm and nice... but I do acasionally get mad... Don't worry though! Because unless you're being a complete jerk to me... I won't get mad!

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Race: White
Sex: Male
Relationship: No *cries inside*
Likes: Girls, talking to friends, playing sports, sleep, video games, getting good grades
Dislikes: Getting any grade under an A (If i get an A- on a math test my parents are mad)

Well anyway, thanks for taking one minute out of your day to read my profile...

I'm pround to say that i have never ignored anyone (yet)... lets keep it that way... have fun!

I am learning HTML code! show
please give me suggestions for beginners!

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 6969-6969-6969

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