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True Blue

About myself:
I joined 3DSPlaza on January 1st 2012 under the username MasterLight. I am a web developer, a gamer, a 3DS homebrew dev, and an artist.

Regarding PMs:
Before you post a pm to me, there are things you should be aware of. First, I read 99.5% of your PMs, so don't worry about me not paying attention to you. Sometimes I don't feel like replying right away (unless if it's important).

Also, if you're PMing me about profile customization, please let me know what theme you would like. Be detailed on your request and I'll try my best to fulfill it.

And please DO NOT do short PMs. I will not answer back to them. DO NOT send PMs regarding friend requests.

Duties and Roles on 3DSPlaza:
I'm a forum moderator, so if you need to fix the title of your post or move it, let me know. Any problems should be reported to a forum mod at once.

I am a profile moderator. I can edit or delete stuff off of your profile without needing your password.

I'm also a 3DSDraw moderator. I can edit or delete art pics from the gallery. I make sure the canvas chats are clean.

I'm also 3DSPlaza's newsposter. I have access to some of the newsposter forums. I can also edit, delete, or rename status posts in the Status page. I post the 3DSPlaza Weekly every Friday or Saturday.

My whereabouts:
I'm pretty much everywhere on plaza. So if you want to report someone to me about violating profile plaza rules or the 3DSDraw rules please pm me as soon as possible.

But you can find me on Twitter: @ChampionLeake79
You can also find me on YouTube: ChampFlipz Animations

ChampionLeake's moderator privileges:
Jolly Jokes Moderator
Forum Moderator
Profile moderator
3DSDraw Moderator

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 2079-9916-4916

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