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About me:
I may not be on Plaza..

Contact me...... show

Via Email.... (Ask for email via PM)
Via iMessage

Or, if you know that Skype, Facebook,Kik, What's App and others are unsecure (Proof Here) you may contact me via Tox.
Tox works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
I recommend downloading the QTox option from

I joined here in February/ March 2011 and I was originally user 395.

Tower, Airorb 112 Super, Requesting vectors to Captain Orb's profile.

Did you get atc clearance before entering? if you didn't, get the hell out and request clearance.
I'm (Capt.)Orb (Prev. Global-orb, xconorbx, Conorb1),

The first person I talked to here is SomeLuigi, and we are still good buddies

My interests.. show

Air crash investigations
Public-key cryptography
Flight Simulation
Listening to music
Playing Games


You'll have to find out the rest

What you can call me. show


I also don't mind if you decide to call me by my real name.

So your wondering, how did I get the nickname Orb?
Well, one day SL started calling me Orb, and then everyone else started to call me Orb as well, I liked the nickname so then I became known as Orb. Simple as that

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Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 2191-8665-4684

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