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cSplit is now once again active, however, it is now used differently.

Segmentation is now abstract - you do not use 'seg2' for 2 segments, 'seg3' for 3. You can now use as many segments as you can use with your username.

To allow this, cSplit's syntax has been changed slightly.

Firstly, the conf parameter is used to set up your segments.

/cspl conf Some=red Luigi=green

But unlike before, you aren't restricted to 2 or 3 segments:

/cspl conf So=red me=green Lu=blue igi=purple

On DSi, you cannot (apparently) type the ~ (tilde) character into the chat. Therefore, if your name contains a tilde, you can type #tilde as a replacement for it.

And then, turn ON or OFF as per usual:

/cspl on

/cspl off

I took this opportunity to implement a new feature allowing easier editing and review of your pattern. Just type

/cspl edit

and the message box will be filled with the command that creates your current pattern. You can then easily modify it.

To unlock cSplit, counted posts will be necessary. The number has been reduced to allow easier regaining for users who had their cSplit access destroyed with the crash.


Posted on 2014-04-14 14:59:27 by SomeLuigi

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