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Welcome to the first official Smash Wii U tournament. November 29th, which is a Saturday, at 7 PM Central standard time, is when the tournament will occur.
Here are the rules!
I will be following a more standard tournament ruleset this time around. I expect everyone to show up by this time on Saturday.

1v1, 8 minute matches, 3 stocks per person.
Items are off.
Each set will be best two out of three. The first to win two matches progresses.

Before the first match, the two players must agree on a stage together to play for the first match. The winner of this first match will be able to ban a stage, whereas the loser 'counterpicks' a stage. The loser decides which stage to play on. This process continues until a winner is crowned.

For characters, you will not need to register with a specific character. Instead, you can start the first match with any character. However, the winner of the first match and second match must stay with their character. The loser may change characters to gain an advantage.

This tournament is double elimination. You will at least get to play twice, if not more. If you lose in the winners bracket (by default, everyone starts in the winners bracket), you will be taken down to the losers bracket. If you lose in the losers bracket, it's game over.

The winner of the winners finals and the losers finals will face off against each other in the grand finals, which is a best 3 out of 5 set. The usual counterpicking rules for both stages and characters still apply in the grand finals.

Legal stages:
Final Destination (and as such, all omega form stages)
Delfino Plaza
Lylat Cruise
Kalos Pokemon League
Castle Siege
Town and City

Signups are here (make sure to sign up with your Nintendo Network ID and NOT your 3DSPlaza username, although if both are the same, that's ok.)

The brackets are here.

Posted on 2014-11-19 00:00:09 by TetrisDude335

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