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Account removal
Started by NodePoint
(2020-07-26 04:51:49)
NodePoint (2020-07-26 04:51:49)
As you know, 3DSPlaza has been around for at least 9 years. Within that time, many users had grown up using 3DSPlaza and moved on.
For the past few years, the amount of activity had decreased. As users had matured, got more powerful devices & utilised more modern services such as Discord and Twitter.

In more recent years, users have wanted to have their accounts deleted. Usually, it would mean using Deleter 3000. Deleter 3000 is a forum spam removal tool. It is very limited in terms of what it removes and it results in a permanent ban rather than what the user really wants. Sure, many posts are removed and their account is no longer viewable to the usual public. It might be just about what needs doing. However, it is not the proper way of fulfilling such requests.

Some of the reasons for wanting to remove an account:
- No longer want to be associated with the website
- No longer using the website and so are wanting to keep things cleaner in regards to where data is being stored
- Rather not have username (current or past) bring up certain websites -- i.e. embarrassing past posts
- Security concerns -- would prefer having as much information removed as possible

Regarding the last point: yes, 3DSPlaza has not exactly been made with the best of practices even for the time. Hope you are not reusing passwords.
But further to the point. With those points and article 17 of GDPR ("right to be forgotten"‚Äč) in mind, there is something that has recently been in the works that I would like to announce.

As of 26th July 2020, a new option named 'delete account' is shown on the profile edit page. This leads to a powerful account removal tool that will go above and beyond in removing any posts made under or towards your account, regardless of where those posts were published throughout the website.

Account Removal tool (asks for confirmation):

As for where you can find users who used to be very active and have been on this website for a long time, Lani had made a good write up that includes an invite link for the Discord server. Thread 83831
Security researcher, web developer, artist, and tech enthusiast.
Fluffeh (2020-07-26 05:20:55)
"As for where you can find users who used to be very active and have been on this website for a long time"

Advertising the wrong Discord for that.
But for the majority of users who are newer or used the roleplay chats then sure. That, and H4D users.

For the small amount of people who were actually active in the community back in the day (outside of RP chats) you'll have to look for the other Discord.

Mr Jdrelicharz pls get in contact we miss u and you went to the wrong discord xoxox

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Pride unfriendly
Wesker (2020-07-26 08:05:24)
Now this is epic
NodePoint (2020-07-26 15:15:28)
I am aware of there being a few Discord servers with some former 3DSPlaza users primarily.
Personally, the ones I had came across do not really refer to their own rules (removing who they do not want 'just because') and are not as well-known. The ones you are aware of may be different in that regard.

The one being linked to has a decent amount of users who used to use 3DSPlaza. Back then and years before it really went downhill. It is surprisingly fairly relaxed, too.

I cannot promote Discord servers that I do not know of specifically and do not know if there is reasonable moderation backing them (not just some 'friend' group).
Security researcher, web developer, artist, and tech enthusiast.
Fluffeh (2020-07-29 09:17:59)
Sorry Andre but it appears I just pissed on your head and didn't quite have the time to read your post as I was busy cleaning up the mess I made.
Pride unfriendly
NodePoint (2020-07-29 20:33:17)
Security researcher, web developer, artist, and tech enthusiast.
Vectrex (2020-09-12 09:32:27)
Pretty much what Boo says.
Luna :cherryblossom:#5707

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