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Keeping in touch with Discord (and others)
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Started by Lani
(2019-07-03 16:53:55)
Soulonix (2019-08-31 02:35:11)
Thanks for the info.

I was wondering if there was an archive of a) an old thread my friend made back in 2012-13 I think it was called 'Inferno Hades V1' on the account 'Zeronix' and mysteriously vanished when I made the second one

(Edit; This was the link )

b ) An earlier version of this thread, some accounts were deleted because of inactivity so most of the messages don't make sense

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2019-09-10 02:49:00

Madnessofmemory (2019-09-26 23:33:06)
ShadowCX11 (2019-09-29 22:50:47)
No one remembers me probably (or at least for the wrong reasons) but we'll see
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