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Keeping in touch with Discord (and others)
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Started by Lani
(2019-07-03 16:53:55)
GoodTailsDoll (2020-02-13 20:09:24)
Not sure if I'm really remembered too much, but here you go.
Hello world!
SynTM (2020-02-16 01:28:57)
jdrelicharz (2020-03-20 03:46:45)

venmo: @jackisonline

cashapp: @jackisonline

This post has been edited one or more times, the last time was:
2020-03-20 03:50:05

who watches the watchmen?

Fluffeh (2020-03-20 09:00:33)
ok yeah but discord, "jack"
Pride friendly
iceman (2020-04-14 02:25:56)
Air Cutter Sirfetch'd#7275

I’m really a god it’s crazy
FixedKarma (2020-04-30 05:48:15)
I hope at least one of you adds me, my other handles are just FixedKarma, and can we please keep Mega's memorial thread online? Even if it's just through screenshots we should keep him alive. If there's one thing worse than death, it's being forgotten after you're gone.
One might say, " you"
Another might comment, "You can suck a "
Oh, I don't give one, honestly
Now smell ya later!

R.I.P. Mega. May he forever live in the memory of these users.
Fluffeh (2020-05-06 12:39:41)
I mean all the screenshots in the world don't change the fact that he swung from a rope fam. There is no keeping him "alive". Move on
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pierrotsk (2020-07-07 20:32:30)
SocialNeko won the DSi/3DS sites war. Unlike idiotic Plaza, it managed to stay active lively even to this day with a loyal community. Plaza never stood a chance, not back then, not now.
Fluffeh (2020-07-08 04:32:34)
Yeah my favourite feature of SocialNeko (aside from the zoo) is the gallery. Seems like you like it a lot too.

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Fluffeh (2020-07-10 17:06:36)

Not allowed to join the fun anymore D:

Not sure if this is related.
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pierrotsk (2020-07-11 06:47:35)
imagine reading my post unironically
Fluffeh (2020-07-11 11:52:14)
Real cute
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