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Keeping in touch with Discord (and others)
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Started by Lani
(2019-07-03 16:53:55)
tombstone (2019-07-19 00:22:22)
Inzanie484 is my discord name
Never think of yourself as second rate
Spector (2019-07-19 02:19:02)

Paradox wuz here.
I'm a player.
carlos11 (2019-07-20 09:37:50)
eyes emoji
Language is a tool for efficient communication. The internet is a tool for fast communication. Do not defy both intents by posting incoherent writing.
PandaGurl1 (2019-07-25 07:54:42)
bookreader123 (2019-07-25 22:57:42)
Anthøny#2503 is my discord name

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2019-07-25 22:58:11

firebro999 (2019-07-30 19:23:14)
Dunno if anyone here really remembers me but, yeah.
Hi, I like to play video games and stuff like that.
Blakely25 (2019-07-30 19:51:39)
Shadow5199 #6420
Christian Blakely
cupcake101208 (2019-08-04 02:55:57)
My Instagram is @eatmypettiness
RedArt (2019-08-11 02:53:08)
Popstar20 (2019-08-17 23:45:13)
Soulonix (2019-08-25 01:41:54)
Are there any admins still here? I want to know if an old forum archive is available...
kangang4014 (2019-08-27 14:00:06)
-Tuna Kangaroo

Discord: Kangang#4014
Twitter: @zestramous
Lani (2019-08-27 18:19:53)
Soulonix, NodePoint is active with some admin privileges. I brought your question to him and he said there’s no archives that he’s aware of. If you’re looking for an old thread, it should still be available amongst the forum pages unless it got deleted by thread author inactivity, or D3000. If a mod moved it, it may be in a hidden forum. What are you looking for?
NI69 (2019-08-28 22:25:14)
im blocked on there even tho i was never on i cant
~Furries Forever~
NI69 (2019-08-28 22:39:26)
Tyler Night#1447 oh i would like to ask why am i banned when i never was on the server..
~Furries Forever~
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