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Shutdown 3ds plaza.
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Started by SKYRIM
(2018-12-21 20:54:43)
SKYRIM (2018-12-21 20:54:43)
3ds plaza been up and running for quite a long time. Unfortunately, like all things, they don't last forever and so will this site. That's why I suggest 3ds plaza should close in a year or two. It had its good run and everything but I think it needs to be lowered into the grave. Reasons why is because of lack of people using the website and lack of popularity of the nintendo 3ds. After the discontinuation of the plaza I feel like the creator and owner of the site should create a new but similiar updated site for just all nintendo products. You may not agree and that is fine. This is Just an opinion of mine and I think a transformation of a new site would be wonderful idea. Another thing the plaza cosmectics havaint been updated since it started and I like to see that for a change.

Sincerely yours,


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Boo (2018-12-23 21:55:54)
SMOGamerX (2018-12-24 01:35:08)
The DSi version hasn't even shut down
SKYRIM (2018-12-24 15:08:19)
Tbh I think we need to transform the plaza into a all nintendo theme plaza so we can have more user activity and make the plaza more prime as it was a few years back. To be honest it isn't a bad idea after all, its quite ok for a first idea thought. Anyone who strongly interjects, are flatout obtuse to new ideas. Just saying(boo). I don't think 3ds plaza has any affiliations or association with the dsi site. I think that's separately owned and operated.
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SKYRIM (2018-12-24 15:10:05)
But all do respect Boo, I appreciate your response and opinion. You too, Smogamerx.
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Boo (2019-01-17 17:22:34)
The fact you genuinely responded to a flat out "no" is both nice and funny.

For a serious response, I don't really think anything can revive 3DSPlaza. I mean, sure, go ahead, I don't really care if this site tries to rebrand itself, but you'd just be beating a dead horse at that point. I probably am being obtuse as you said it, but whatever.
Datti (2019-01-17 23:14:26)
Should've just stuck with no
Boo (2019-01-18 16:26:54)
Well yeah lol, but I wanted to explain myself to someone so genuine
Datti (2019-01-18 22:31:14)
Fair enough
randomguyperson (2019-01-27 08:27:01)
This site should stay like this forever, be a testament to a bygone time, an internet museum of the past
When sun go down, the fun go yes!
Bean (2019-01-31 19:18:28)
There’s too much powerful lore here.
Robdeprop (2019-02-07 07:37:24)
"This thing belongs in a museum!"
- Indiana Jones
espace39 (2019-02-09 00:23:56)
coming back after four years to see this still up and active, gotta say, gg 3dsplaza
Sober_Beast (2019-02-09 10:12:07)
That's so dumb. You and I both know that a "new" site would be as dead as this site is, the reason is because the era in which these DS sites were alive is dead. It's not the developer's fault or any other aspect's fault
Sober_Beast (2019-02-09 10:15:00)
And the fact that you demand this site should be deleted just because it has no traffic anymore is not only selfish but again, stupid. Maybe you didn't spend hours here back then but we did. It carries memories and it's nostalgic to visit this site once in awhile. Or maybe it's just a reflection of your own issues and tendencies to give beautiful things an end, who knows
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