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Any gaming video suggestions?
Started by SMOGamerX
(2018-08-27 01:11:06)
SMOGamerX (2018-08-27 01:11:06)
I made a little bit of videos on my YouTube channel recently, they were mostly town of salem. I was wondering if there are any suggestions.

The 3DS is kinda dead to me but I have a switch and a gaming PC so either one of them is okay. I also would make videos with my gf

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2018-08-27 01:11:36

peepo (2018-08-27 01:16:00)
Preferably switch games since I am a new switch owner!! ^^
mmmmm daddy uwu
SMOGamerX (2018-08-27 16:21:10)
lowa lol
Nutsy (2018-08-31 00:08:32)

Bean (2018-09-01 03:29:02)
Random Smash text leaks

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