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Best of Spencer/Mega memories
Started by Destroiya
(2018-08-13 05:51:23)
Destroiya (2018-08-13 05:51:24)
List all the good times you’ve had with him.

Also my attempt to make some activity now.
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MegaBeanish (2018-08-13 07:17:19)
He sucks.
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TapRoot0ak (2018-08-13 07:59:34)
When we snuck into a rated R movie together. His first ever.
carlos12 (2018-08-13 10:00:43)
Lol I remember some things like the rarity porn incident and his love for midna.... He was a great guy
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May Spencer be in all our hearts....
PANZERFAUST (2018-08-13 10:27:18)
I will never forget teaching him about how breast milk isn't usually white but off-white.
I miss you
SMOGamerX (2018-08-13 18:02:21)
I remember the time he first hated me because idk. He was an autism hater

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Boo (2018-08-14 03:33:34)
He was kinda an asshole, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't consider every post of his to be iconic.
SicSemperTyra (2018-08-16 04:20:30)
he had quite the signature game, i remember him either having some brony thing, anime thing, or flavor-of-the-month game/cartoon thing in there (like i remember late 2015 when he had undyne there)
brb dying inside
SMOGamerX (2018-08-16 17:50:46)
Remember him obsessed with that Zootopia movie

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Nutsy (2018-08-17 02:52:49)
I watched Zootopia in exchange for him watching Love Live. One of us came out with way more time put in to the respective work.

carlos11 (2018-09-12 12:27:42)
I don't wanna write anything
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Screamer (2018-09-14 07:41:25)
He was a
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SMOGamerX (2018-09-18 03:39:39)
He was
SynTM (2018-10-28 06:22:47)

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