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Spencer/mega Memorial Thread
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Started by SackThing101
(2018-08-13 05:02:14)
Leviathan (2018-09-13 21:46:33)
I'm not going only to say anything that anybody else hasnt already said, but I'm having trouble even believing this. Spencer was the reason I became a web developer and got into programming in the slightest. I wanted to be a psychologist before I met him and trying to impress him with my ing profile CSS set me on the path of programming that ultimately ended in my owning a successful business and becoming a navy intelligence programmer instead of a psychologist. I wanted to hire him as a creative consultant once my company started video game development. I talk about him at least once a month, and any time somebody asks me how I started my business I always start with the story of a guy who was badass at CSS, and who always caught me when I'd try to fake make websites without coding, and that my first ever community management experience which ended in my owning a huge sponsored community all started with Scribblehub, which I made because I wanted Spencer to be able to post his art on it. Spencer was my role model, and I cannot believe this even happened. I cant help but be angry at his selfishness, and sad that I didnt know it was even happening.

I'm going to miss him so much.
I'm an open book, there are few questions I won't answer honestly, no matter how embarrassing.
I812 (2018-09-15 08:12:08)
It seems some pretty heavy stuff happened while I was gone, I offer my deepest condolences.
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SMOGamerX (2018-09-18 03:39:18)
Fluffeh is like a guard from people trying to say shlt to this kid. whatever someone says shlt to mega, he say shlt back lmao.

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2018-09-23 16:58:45

My baby peepo
TheBloodyDog (2018-09-18 08:59:42)
Your frailty is what empowers my degeneracy
frazertim (2018-09-20 14:35:44)
This is certainly an odd feeling, rest with calm eyes as they say.

Carmilla (2018-09-20 23:32:17)
ok so, did he really kill himself?
you give me a rush
Boo (2018-09-22 05:18:29)
^ unfortunately yes.
Fluffeh (2018-09-22 06:26:21)
No clearly he didn't actually kill himself, there wasn't a GoFundMe made by people from his real life linked in the OP and we are all in on one big joke. What a moron.
Gamers rise up
SMOGamerX (2018-09-22 21:24:05)
That's nothing to joke about Fluffeh, you need to take that site down or more people will believe this. I knew Spencer was fooling us.
My baby peepo
Fluffeh (2018-09-23 05:02:48)
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Let this be an example of how we're going to stop treating each other from now on.

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2018-09-23 19:39:46

Gamers rise up
peepo (2018-09-23 17:02:17)
man that’s a real sick joke, you should be ashamed sir
mmmmm daddy uwu
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