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Spencer/mega Memorial Thread
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Started by SackThing101
(2018-08-13 05:02:14)
AntiChrist (2018-10-09 21:20:06)
That's exactly what we're going to do starting now, weather you like it or not. Any more toxic behavior in this thread gets deleted, no questions asked.

This is a memorial thread for Christ sake

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2018-10-10 22:17:51

Love is the answer ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
ScootsRiver (2018-10-09 21:34:46)
I think we're fine.
TechN9neIsSexy (2018-10-11 02:32:01)
RIP, I remember meming with you and generally having fun chats. I basically grew up on this website and it makes me sad to see such a cool person from my childhood go like that
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KirbyComment inc. [IMG][/img]
Robdeprop (2018-10-15 19:06:57)
Happy we all got to to meet and interact with you through 3DSPlaza. Regretful to hear that you chose to take your own life. Rest in peace.
(ExoticModz) (2018-11-02 09:16:16)
I'm sorry I didn't see the post old friend. Wish we could have made more memories. R.I.P Spencer "Gone But Never Forgotten" You Will be missed Mega.
Ex-Profile Moderator
WolfFlame (2018-11-07 10:57:34)
I never knew he was depressed. I felt like we were pretty close to, I can't believe this
pokefangirl (2018-11-07 13:33:54)
I honestly don't know how to feel about it, but I am quite shocked. We never really talked at all in the chatroom, especially after I started college, but I have lots of fond memories of the funny things that were said in it. Since Plaza was the first social media website I went to in 2012, it also became a part of my childhood. Spencer was the type of person who people liked, though I don't remember a lot except for how he liked My Little Pony. I think people teased him about that, but he was pretty nice. It's just really sad that it turned out this way. I know that I couldn't have done anything, but I still feel like I should've at least tried to be active on here or the Plaza Discord. Because I also went through extreme feelings of depression and suicidal thoughts after my dad passed away in 2016, I feel like I could've noticed what was wrong if I were actually active. Rest in peace, Spencer. My deepest condolences to his family.
BlueBlur (2018-11-11 15:51:37)
Damn dude. I'd been having this weird feeling telling me to come back and visit this site, and this is what was waiting for me. He was one of the few guys I talked to regularly (relatively speaking). RIP man.
"There was a time above. A time before. There were perfect things. Diamond absolutes."
Britney1 (2018-11-20 22:36:39)
You know what? Forget the Trigger Warning I asked for. If someone gets triggered by this and cuts themselves it would be sad tho.

Be the shadow you
Really are.
Ears tuned into the sounds of darkness.
Your soul knows its place.
SMOGamerX (2018-11-21 18:36:37)
It wouldn't be sad, it would be beyond stupid for doing that over someone that he/she barely knows.
AshAttack (2019-01-05 03:09:22)
not to be rude but where's the news article tho
Pusheen (2019-01-05 09:28:16)
47,000+ people committed suicide in America in 2017 and it was the 10th leading cause of death. If you think every single one of those people will get their own news article, even unknown and unremarkable young men, you're an idiot.
TapRoot0ak (2019-01-05 22:26:36)
Are you claiming this is fake ^^
SMOGamerX (2019-01-06 19:37:17)
He died faked. No news, no real

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Boo (2019-01-17 16:29:54)
Depression is stupid in general. It warps the mind to believe things one wouldn't normally believe. Even if they know their thoughts are toxic and harmful, they're still affected.
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