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Spencer/mega Memorial Thread
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Started by SackThing101
(2018-08-13 05:02:14)
AntiChrist (2018-10-09 21:20:06)
That's exactly what we're going to do starting now, weather you like it or not. Any more toxic behavior in this thread gets deleted, no questions asked.

This is a memorial thread for Christ sake

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2018-10-10 22:17:51

ScootsRiver (2018-10-09 21:34:46)
I think we're fine.
TechN9neIsSexy (2018-10-11 02:32:01)
RIP, I remember meming with you and generally having fun chats. I basically grew up on this website and it makes me sad to see such a cool person from my childhood go like that
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KirbyComment inc.
Robdeprop (2018-10-15 19:06:57)
Happy we all got to to meet and interact with you through 3DSPlaza. Regretful to hear that you chose to take your own life. Rest in peace.
January 31st 2017: 3DSPlaza's sixth anniversary!
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