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Spencer/mega Memorial Thread
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Started by SackThing101
(2018-08-13 05:02:14)
TwilightWinter (2018-08-27 12:17:06)

I have quite a few memories chatting with him. At first we used to argue a lot about religion and politics, but later we started to get along. He added me in his discord chat where I once even watched one of those animated movies he liked with him.

May he rest in peace and may God give his parents the courage to go through this phase of their lives.

Also show
Remember that no problem of this world is big enough to make you end your life. It's natural to have suicidal thoughts but they are just as temporary as our problems. If you're reading this you're blessed with everything. In fact, you don't even know what problems are. Visit Kenya, Afghanistan and such countries to know.

We all go through bad times, but bad times are bearer of glad tidings about your future.

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Super_~_Junior. (2018-08-28 08:02:08)
I am just genuinely shocked. I know Spencer had some issues, but he seemed somewhat alright last time we spoke (about a year ago), we had a complicated friendship but I still cared for him nontheless. I genuinely feel so sorry for his family and close friends, I know how awful suicide can be and I genuinely hope his family can find peace and comfort in the fact that he isn't hurting anymore.
jEsUs ChRiSt
Nemesis (2018-09-02 00:51:20)
I was about to meet you. Just the day before you passed. When you didn't respond to my message, I wondered where you were, what you were doing at the moment. I was disappointed, even a little bit angry that you didn't show.

I wish I had talked to you more before you passed, before we met up, and really questioned why you hesitated and why you felt down. But I also know, having two other people who have died as you have, how these type of things go.

Even though you're gone, it's not because we weren't enough. In fact, I focus on the fact on how much everyone loved having you around on Plaza, and Discord. How much you connected with my best friend in real life, Matthew. Though I don't know what made you feel this way, as to commit this act, I know you knew you were well liked, and thought about by us.

Even if there is no god, wherever you may be now, you know. Rest easy Spencer.

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Ron1212 (2018-09-04 23:17:01)
Gamesaddict44 (2018-09-11 00:22:06)
Man. It's shocking to see this.

Rest easy Spence. I hope you're at peace.
I'm alive, I think.
carlos11 (2018-09-12 12:01:23)
I just learned about this tonight and I could not believe it. It's very sad to hear about something like this. Even as we grew older and went our separate ways I always clung to the idea, or at least kept it in the back of my head, this fantasy that one day all of us would be united in real life as some sort of reunion. I've said this before but the 3dsplaza folk truly are something of a family to me. However detached we may be from each other (I myself am guilty of distancing myself from others and keeping a lot to myself) the fact still remains that I spent a considerable part of my childhood with you guys. For better or for worse, 3dsplaza is synonymous with childhood, at least for me. My time as a kid was spent here, with the rest of you.

That said, it is crushing to learn that some of us will never meet. Especially because I feel like my last interactions with Spencer were not positive ones. I don't believe we were close friends, not by a long shot. But we certainly had history. It must have been back in 2012 when we met, or chatted with each other. Such a long time ago, I don't remember everything. But we did watch MLP Equestria Girls the movie together. That's not something I'm proud of doing, but I'm not ashamed to admit I did it either. See, this was back when Spencer was a big fan of MLP, he wanted me to share this interest with him. So I agreed to watch the movie together under the guise that I'd give MLP a fair shot and perhaps become a fan myself. The movie was subpar, but this never really was about the movie so that didnt matter much to me.

For most of the time I actively used this website, Spencer was the closest friend I had. We both made posted silly jokes and were funny to each other. We agreed on pretty much everything. I say "most" because we did have a falling out before we both became inactive on 3dsplaza and it was a regrettable end to an otherwise great chapter of my life: the 3dsplaza chapter (not very original title).

About a year ago we did speak to each other again. For a very brief time we communicated via discord. But the Spencer I was reunited with was different from the Spencer that I thought I once knew. To my dismay, this quickly made our relationship deteriorate. We were at odds with each other. In the time since we had last been close friends, his worldview had become drastically different from mine and we had drifted apart. Now I wish I hadn't given up on being friends.

I know a lot of the younger users don't care about what I have to say, but there's really no intended audience for my message. I just wanted to write things down since I thought this was something important to sit down for a good long while and write about
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Leviathan (2018-09-13 21:46:33)
I'm not going only to say anything that anybody else hasnt already said, but I'm having trouble even believing this. Spencer was the reason I became a web developer and got into programming in the slightest. I wanted to be a psychologist before I met him and trying to impress him with my ing profile CSS set me on the path of programming that ultimately ended in my owning a successful business and becoming a navy intelligence programmer instead of a psychologist. I wanted to hire him as a creative consultant once my company started video game development. I talk about him at least once a month, and any time somebody asks me how I started my business I always start with the story of a guy who was badass at CSS, and who always caught me when I'd try to fake make websites without coding, and that my first ever community management experience which ended in my owning a huge sponsored community all started with Scribblehub, which I made because I wanted Spencer to be able to post his art on it. Spencer was my role model, and I cannot believe this even happened. I cant help but be angry at his selfishness, and sad that I didnt know it was even happening.

I'm going to miss him so much.
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I812 (2018-09-15 08:12:08)
It seems some pretty heavy stuff happened while I was gone, I offer my deepest condolences.
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SMOGamerX (2018-09-18 03:39:18)
Fluffeh is like a guard from people trying to say shlt to this kid. whatever someone says shlt to mega, he say shlt back lmao.

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TheBloodyDog (2018-09-18 08:59:42)
Your frailty is what empowers my degeneracy
frazertim (2018-09-20 14:35:44)
This is certainly an odd feeling, rest with calm eyes as they say.

Carmilla (2018-09-20 23:32:17)
ok so, did he really kill himself?
you give me a rush
Boo (2018-09-22 05:18:29)
^ unfortunately yes.
ScootsRiver (2018-10-07 04:18:36)
I read some of your older posts in this thread and you actually seemed like a good dude, with a good head, and I actually like a lot of what you've had to say. Just don't jump straight to being condescending, alright? I've done nothing to you.

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Boo (2018-10-09 20:54:38)
How about we all just chill? Can we all just not fight, please?
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