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Spencer/mega Memorial Thread
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Started by SackThing101
(2018-08-13 05:02:14)
SackThing101 (2018-08-13 05:02:14)
As most of you know, one of our beloved users, mega, also more known as Spencer, has passed away.

Spencer passed away due to the horrible demon named suicide. This thread is meant to pay our respects and remember a fellow Plaza user, but please, keep it respectful while expressing your thoughts and respects to him.

This thread is NOT a joke thread. If you want to help his family out, the gofundme can be found here:

If you're feeling suicidal, please DO NOT DO IT. Please seek help and tell your family. The suicide prevention hotline can be found here:

DrMintyFresh (2018-08-13 05:04:42)

ANDROID11 (2018-08-13 05:05:30)
Oh ..
To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day
Hardly spoke to folks around him, didn't have too much to say,
No one dared to ask his business, no one dared to make a slip
The stranger there among them had a big iron on his hip..
Datti (2018-08-13 05:05:30)
I hardly have any strong memories of us together except a few we shared years ago. Back then, I never realized how depressed you were because you did so well at hiding it.

As much as I want to be upset that you never told me what was going on I have to let it slide because we were never really close in the first place.

Rest well, Spencer.

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girwaffles122 (2018-08-13 07:35:39)
Spencer was amazing and such. Never expected for this to happen. Whatever that caused him to feel this deep and do so, I hope it could just fade. Poor friend of ours. So many memories, yet so sudden... Forever rest in peace... Forever our friend by heart. Miss you Spency. My Spency.
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February 11th, 2017
TapRoot0ak (2018-08-13 08:09:11)
It feels odd knowing I'm the only plazian to ever meet him and to have been so close to him. Knowing that we talked together and saw each other makes it even weirder. I saw him smile, move with life, and got to hear the things he had to say. Knowing that someone you knew and interacted with is just now, gone, is surreal. Also with the fact that he legitimately loved me, and marked me as his favorite person in the world and the only person he cared about makes it harder. I really did like him as a person and enjoyed his company for the short while I got to really know him.

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PANZERFAUST (2018-08-13 08:51:13)
I'm shocked, in all honesty. I was thinking about him a few days ago and thought of messaging him and asking him how he was doing.

Him and I may have been at each other's throats whenever we talked, but I genuinely liked him despite our differences in opinions. I have fond memories of all the weird conversations we'd make, and though I didn't talk to him the most, I won't ever forget him. Plaza sure won't be the same.

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I miss you
Bean (2018-08-13 08:51:54)
Wow... That’s... I actually don’t know what to say.
carlos12 (2018-08-13 09:40:09)
This really surprised me.... I forgot all about plaza but I'm still on the discord server.... Spencer and I were friends.... I can't believe this happened...this... Is horrible.
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May Spencer be in all our hearts....
Pokemongirl (2018-08-13 13:39:11)
Spencer was an amazing person ... I can't believe this happened ... Rest in peace buddy, I'll miss you ...
I’m back! <3
QueenAngel (2018-08-13 16:15:41)
Rip, Dude..Ill never forget our memories..
SMOGamerX (2018-08-13 18:08:26)
"horrible demon named suicide"
Green_plesioth (2018-08-13 23:20:23)
manster hanter scrubs
RedArt (2018-08-14 00:04:59)
there is no justice to be served here. never the less incredibly sad.
ScootsRiver (2018-08-14 00:05:02)
Spoiler: show
Last I talked to him was July 13th; 2 days beforehand. He had sent me something I didn't reply to, but that was normal for me. It was odd that he was offline for full weeks, but even then, something like this was completely unforeseeable. I can't possibly comprehend why this would happen, Spencer never seemed to give the slightest shit about anything anybody said about him. He would joke all the time and from what I could tell, never even showed a hint of anything related to depression. He was legitimately talented, he was funny, he was smart, he had a job, he had plans for his life, and as far as I could tell, was getting ready to move to Phoenix. He was an awesome friend, and I can not stress that enough.

I am going miss him... I already do.
Love you, Spencer.
Rest easy buddy.


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