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So whats everybody doing now?
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Started by Leviathan
(2018-07-29 18:57:14)
Leviathan (2018-07-29 18:57:14)
I'm nineteen now, am the CEO of a sponsored eSports network ( and soon to be shipping out for the navy.

Anybody else doing anything with their lives, or just me?

I'm an open book, there are few questions I won't answer honestly, no matter how embarrassing.
Wesker (2018-07-29 23:18:15)
"As a former professional gamer, I've seen the struggles a skilled player must go through to get the recognition he deserves. Thats why I've dedicated my life to helping people in the same situation get what they deserve. A chance."
Leviathan (2018-07-30 03:00:55)
Yeah, marketing came up with it. I was top 25 in brawlhalla and was sponsored for 6 months
I'm an open book, there are few questions I won't answer honestly, no matter how embarrassing.
TheMLGPotatoM8 (2018-08-02 11:05:08)
I'm on discord
Nutsy (2018-08-04 17:19:29)
I'm going to start college this upcoming semester. My start was delayed because I'm lazy and I got into a car accident that turned me into a potato for a while.

little5 (2018-08-05 02:39:40)
i complain professionally
Dawson (2018-08-05 10:42:48)
19 now and all i do is make music, stream, play this mobile game professionally.
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SMOGamerX (2018-08-06 22:01:18)
18 and banging my gf better than ever
TapRoot0ak (2018-08-06 22:12:30)
PANZERFAUST (2018-08-07 10:52:27)
I've quit doing drugs and being a total thot and I'm now working on rebuilding a healthy relationship with my immediate family, specifically my mother. I don't currently have a major direction in life but I've been steadily working on improving myself which I'm happy with.
I miss you
MegaBeanish (2018-08-13 07:19:11)
Lmao Navy. šŸ˜‚

Marine Corps veteran. Working at Apple headquarters now.
-Lance Corporal Rodriguez (USMC)
Destroiya (2018-08-13 07:23:28)
Iā€™m about to go to college and further my goals in life.
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MarioErmando (2018-08-13 09:09:59)
i've done nothing notable
Ron1212 (2018-09-04 23:19:37)
Working on becoming an Aerospace engineer lolz
Screamer (2018-09-06 00:33:54)
22 and about to ship out for bootcamp
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