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Loli was the death of me
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Started by mega
(2018-05-25 05:48:10)
mega (2018-05-25 05:48:11)

Discord was pretty much the only way I was still in contact with the people from Plaza, so I guess it's basically goodbye. (Outside the rare forum posting here)

I'm curious what happened to the server though, since I was the owner and all. Did it get deleted or did ownership go to one of the admins? Someone from the server let me know what happened.

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NodePoint (2018-05-25 17:17:21)
damn boi what you been postin'
Pentester, web developer, artist, and tech enthusiast.
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mega (2018-05-25 17:21:51)

SMOGamerX (2018-05-26 02:08:52)
It's cuz I wasn't there
mega (2018-05-26 03:43:51)
What do I do now that I have no friends, 3DSPlaza?

MarioErmando (2018-05-26 08:08:59)
the server is still there. if you make another account i can add you
little5 (2018-05-26 08:13:44)
No one add him back
MarioErmando (2018-05-26 08:16:29)
shush honey
TapRoot0ak (2018-05-26 08:26:13)
Lmao the title
TapRoot0ak (2018-05-26 08:26:56)
I miss you Spencey
mega (2018-05-26 08:37:28)
I'm not coming back anyway because it's futile. Someone in the server is the one who reported me, and I'll just get reported again by whoever it is. (I'm sure it's Ayuki.) Not to mention I don't want to be powerless to everyone in the server. If I do something people don't like, which is often, they'll just report my ass.

By the way, not even sure if I actually posted lolicon again after getting that first warning a couple months ago, Ayuki probably reported an old post like a [female genital] to get rid of me. Still though, not going to bother appealing to Discord because it's not gonna do anything, what's in it for them?

I've had an alt account for awhile. I'll eventually add some people I trust to not give my ID.

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MarioErmando (2018-05-26 09:18:59)
come on spencer dont be silly
mega (2018-05-26 09:35:02)
^ It's not like I want to leave, obviously. You guys were like 99% of my socialization and I think I might eventually go insane or something from a lack of any of it now. (Unless I can manage to make new online friends.)

But when I've been reported twice now there's literally nothing I can do about it.

I'll ofc give you my other Discord ID though, Erman. I'll PM it tomorrow probably. I just wanna change stuff so I can't be traced first, even if someone reports Spagem and vaguely says I have an alt. (Not even sure if you can report banned accounts though)

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2018-05-26 09:38:43

little5 (2018-05-26 12:31:43)

Maybe you were just reported multiple times in the past
Nutsy (2018-05-26 15:06:56)
Haha get owned nerd.

Also hi Kaede.

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