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Old Members Reunion Thread
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Started by ShayAtmos
(2018-01-01 17:45:34)
ShayAtmos (2018-01-01 17:45:34)
Anyone else here an OG member? I remember the mid-2012 server crash. I had to re-create my account. And I remember when McFox was a thing. No e-mail verification for an account. There was tons of active users, now just tens of thousands of dead, deleted or unused accounts. All a shame really. This place used to be so active and fun, it had a really good not-that-cringey community.
Lots of confusion, I AM a guy.

mega (2018-01-01 18:43:07)
Is March 2012 OG enough

SpriteMite (2018-01-01 18:48:33)
I wasn't affected by the server crash lol
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Ron1212 (2018-01-02 02:46:59)
McFox went by many names...I remember. It’s true. All of it.
AntiChrist (2018-01-02 10:06:48)
McFox took so long to call it a day that I didn't notice when he finally left .-.
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mega (2018-01-02 23:05:28)
Oh look, it's Ron.

little5 (2018-01-04 12:28:09)
Feb 2012
Wish I hadn’t joined this place

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2018-01-04 12:28:22

DeathKid (2018-01-04 12:34:28)
Why does anyone care about being on plaza for a long time? Even when I joined in like late 2012 people were circlejerking about being OG 2011 plaza. This site was never good, and being on here for a long time isn't anything to be proud of. Sharing memories about old stuff or whatever is fine, but why people would think using an awful teenage social website/grooming ground for literal pedophiles for a long time is something to be proud of is beyond me.
^ fag
little5 (2018-01-04 12:36:19)
Spot the noob
ChampionLeake (2018-01-04 14:11:33)
January 2012 --> Old account deleted. I was Stylux99
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brandoin (2018-01-05 06:14:38)
i joined in 2005 ers
RedArt (2018-01-05 08:49:41)
new years eve 2011
Boo (2018-01-05 17:01:42)
I joined somewhere in 2013 or something. Does that count? Validate me.
GawdHydra (2018-01-09 07:01:31)
somewhere around 2011-2012 i joined. don't really come back for obvious reasons, but it was the bomb back then.
If ye wish to talk to me, xbox app (or XBOX itself), my gamertag is Godhydra.
Cr1tiKaL (2018-01-09 11:03:53)
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