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Started by CrypticTAWOG
(2017-09-29 02:47:43)
CrypticTAWOG (2017-09-29 02:47:43)
Since Node deleted my LAST POST NODEPOINT STOP!

THIS IS 2.0!!!


Cryptic show
Likes¦ Pizza, VG, talking
Dislikes¦ Saying goodbye
Gender¦ ♀
Age¦ 22
Appearance¦ White bear with a green right eye, and left eye is black. Muzzle and chest is green, along with a green bowtie and special wings to help her fly.
Powers¦ has demonic powers gifted to her.
Disadvantages¦ Thinking becomes slow when shes tired, Can't really control her full flight ability yet, Easily Tempered, Emotional.
Backstory¦ N/A
Lil' Cryptic show
Likes¦ Hugs
Dislikes¦ Meanies, getting cold
Age¦ 9
Gender¦ ♀
Appearance¦ Look JUST like Cryptic but is smaller and she looks REALLY CUTE!
Powers¦ Can Influence others with her adorableness
Disadvantages¦ Is emotional
Backstory¦ N/A

Jerry show
Likes¦ Doing science.
Dislikes¦ FT Freddy's Quotes, Being called "cute".
Age¦ 12.
Gender¦ ♂
Appearance¦ Looks like Bluestreak Girls Drawing of FT Freddy. Cartoony bear without the tophat or bowtie. Has red eyes. wears nerdy glasses
Powers¦ Vampire. Can drain others energy. Can read thoughts. Immortal
Disadvantages¦ Burns in sunlight.
Backstory¦ He was a normal everyday kid until he got bit by the Vampire Queen and became a Vampire. Eventually became friends with Misty and Flint

Dryptic show
Likes¦ Destruction
Dislikes¦ Happiness, Cryptic
Age¦ 22
Gender¦ ♂
Appearance¦ Looks EXACTLY like Cryptic but is blue all over and doesn't have a bow on his back but a blue tophat instead.
Powers¦ Breaks the 4th wall, Can move things with his mind, can lift heavy things, can create portals to different dimensions.
Disadvantages¦ whenever Cryptic gets hurt, Dryptic gets hurt as well.
Backstory¦ They were trying to see if they could make a clone of Cryptic without her DNA But instead made Dryptic, God of Chaos

Flint show
Likes¦ Chocolate
Dislikes¦ Naggy People
Age¦ 100
Gender¦ ♂
Appearance¦ Looks like Gumball but wears a white tank, navy blue jeans, and black sneakers, has black, spiky hair covering his mysterious left eye
Powers¦ Can fly, Super Strength. Robot, can shoot plasma from his hands
Disadvantages¦ CannotFunction without his Kryptonium source
Backstory¦ Originally an AI sent to kill but instead became the Grand Guardian of Ellmore
HACKER!Alert show
Likes¦ ???
Dislikes¦ Flint, Misty, Jerry
Age¦ ?
Gender¦ ?
Appearance¦ Looks like Flint but is glitchy, black and red, and covered in blood
Powers¦ Can erase one, Can kill anyone who touches it
Disadvantages¦ A firewall (obviously)
Backstory¦ ???

Misty show
Likes¦ Clouds
Dislikes¦ Getting mad
Age¦ 10,000
Gender¦ ♀
Appearance¦ Looks like Gumball but with a fluffy cloud-like fur, wears a red-white striped tank, gray shorts, has a ponytail that is puffing out clouds
Powers¦ Can transform into 'Black Cloud' when she is mad, Can fly.
Disadvantages¦ When she turns into Black Cloud, she has no control
Backstory¦ She inherited Black Clouds powers and became the most feared being in Cloudsity, but she eventually became the Grand Guardian's protector

Reverse Cryptic show
Likes¦ ???
Dislikes¦ Cryptic, Dryptic
Age¦ ?¡¿£$←‡!§→‡§™@
Gender¦ ??
Appearance¦ No one has ever dared look at it
Powers¦ can Break the 4th wall, Can kill anything when it looks at it
Disadvantages¦ Cryptic
Backstory¦ While Dryptic was created, Reverse Cryptic was also released into the world, seeking both Cryptic AND Dryptic

Ticera show
Likes; Candy, Fluffy things
Dislikes; Unknown
Age; 49
Gender; Female
Appearance; Looks like Gumball but has Tenticles all over her body except her face.
Powers; Can speak animal
Disadvanges; Gets scared easily, and will hide behind Flint like a shy kid
Backstory; Is a mutant but got found and Cared for by Flint, and Misty

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You don't know what we've been through.
CrypticTAWOG (2017-09-29 03:15:38)

My profile is running out of space 4 my OC List, so I need to make a special place 4 my OC List and I chose The Forums.. I hope u understand...

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You don't know what we've been through.
FixedKarma (2017-10-05 07:16:02)

(Don't steal)



Saem Redd show

Sex: Male
Hight: 6'0
Occupation: Murderer but recives money mystriously
Bio: was once an ordanary kid with a few oddites. while in his school a stabber came into his classroom and took a girl hostage; he reacted quickly and took the mans knive and slit the mans neck. after his parents heard about this they disowned him and put him into an orpahage which he later burned down, killing five and injuring 12. he was then dumped onto the streets where he killed more and more burning the bodies and what else was not needed; he kept phones and money but not clothes or I.D.s. 17 years later: he's now known as the Death Note because he would right a note to police officers and leave lots of evidence but most of it was plastic.
HTSTN - Sea-aim Red

Thomas (still a devloping character) show
Thomas is the alpha male of his wolf pack he can run at 27 meters per second and can scare off any wolf with his stare. he has never wanted to kill another wolf.

Cole Niotakizuwa show
i'm lazy so look on the camp oddity forms

Krimson "shotgunin'" Marxx show
hight: 5'8
weight: 134 Lbs
Age: 27
Bio: he's a survivalist and doesn't let anything that makes mad live. He uses a pump-action shotgun that destorys enemies with two shots and his back-ups are duel pistols and signature rifle. Hi wears cargo pants with dummy grenades around his belt that allows him to know where enemie snipers are and a regular black t-shirt. he is knowen to be one of the best run'n'gunners around and his parkour skills are always better then anyone elses.

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One might say, " you"
Another might comment, "You can suck a "
Oh, I don't give one, honestly
Now smell ya later!

R.I.P. Mega. May he forever live in the memory of these users.
CrypticTAWOG (2018-01-27 21:02:00)

Insane Cryptic show
Likes¦ Blood
Dislikes¦ People
Gender¦ ♀
Appearance¦ Looks EXACTLY like Cryptic but covered with blood and has red-glowing eyes
Powers¦ Can kill anyone in seconds
Disadvantage¦ Cryptic is keeping her locked away so she can't escape
Backstory¦ Was created when Cryptic accidentally killed somebody and discovered her own lust for blood

Jester show
Likes¦ Joking around, Children
Dislikes¦ Insane Cryptic, Killers
Gender¦ ♂
Age¦ 25
Appearance¦ Looks JUST like Funtime Freddy except has orange-red highlights and orange eyes. Instead of a tophat he wears a orange-red party hat and has clown shoes. also sounds like Funtime Freddy.
Powers¦ Can hear anything from a distance
Disadvantage¦ He has never experienced sadness
Backstory¦ N/A
Crush¦ Cryptic

Trix show
Beta Vampire
Likes¦ Blood, causing trouble
Dislikes¦ Being called a hero
Gender¦ ♀
Age¦ 1,470
Appearance¦ Looks like Flint but a white bear with a red-black left eye exposed while her black hair covers her right eye. Wearing a black top with gray straps around her wrists and gray shorts.
Powers¦ Can turn others into Vampire. Can drain blood
Disadvantage¦ Sun, stakes
Backstory¦ She was bitten when she was a orphan and became feared. she was never adopted and became a troublemaker.

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You don't know what we've been through.
2dsUser (2018-04-13 08:17:28)
here's my ocs

Powers: none (but annoys the heck out of people)
disadvantage: is super shy
from gumball
Likes: Alot of things
hates: none
Dating: Carrie
im a 2ds user

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