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3DSPlaza Weekly: February 5th 2017
Started by ChampionLeake
(2017-02-05 19:57:24)
ChampionLeake (2017-02-05 19:57:24)
Greetings fellow members of 3DSPlaza! It's about time that I start giving you all some weekly newsposts instead of a them being a YEARLY newspost. So, I'm glad to actually get back to doing these types of newsposts again and that life won't get much in the way. As always in these newsposts, I'll be focusing on what's going on about 3DSPlaza and focus on some Nintendo news since this is a 3DS website. So without no further of do, let's get start with this weekly.

The Jolly Jokes App Returns!:

Let's kick off this weekly newspost by sharing to you all that the Jolly Jokes App has been restored to the site. Most of you may be aware of this unless you've been living under a rock these days or actually living your life. On January 31st 2017, Robdeprop, owner of 3DSPlaza, has made a forum post about the 6th Anniversary of 3DSPlaza including a little surprise of reviving one of the very first 3DSPlaza apps, Jolly Jokes, which was deleted from the server crash years ago. As Rob said stated that he "left the app exactly the way it was before it crashed. Even the original jokes from before it crashed are still there." You can get the Jolly Jokes App from the 3DSPlaza shop as well.

Robdeprop's Upcoming Community Website?:

Now moving on into more things regaring 3DSPlaza, Robdeprop has confirmed to be working on a new community website. This was also shown in the Anniversary Forum thread: 83221 as well. As stated that he does "have plans for another community website like 3DSPlaza, but it would not be Nintendo-related." So the "SwitchPlaza" theory flies out the window. If you're worry about the future of 3DSPlaza, Rob also stated that "there is no denying that 3DSPlaza will continue to slowly keep declining in usage" and that he'll "at least plan to keep 3DSPlaza the way it is as long as that's the case." There is no date until Rob's new community website will be established as of now.

3DSPlaza Pokémon Sun & Moon Competition:

Hey there Pokémon players! Want to show off your skills, well a user named, Fayne_Aldan, is opening up a competition for Pokémon Sun & Moon players to battle against each other. If you're up to enter, make sure to stop by Forum thread: 83225 to see how to join up. The competition takes place all day on 3DSPlaza at EST 02/10/2017 07:00 PM - 02/11/2017 06:59 PM and you must join before it starts. Don't miss it if you would like to participate.

New Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu Edition!:

If you're a collector out for some rare Nintendo items or a pokemon fan, Nintendo may just made your day. The company is releasing a new yellow version of a New Nintendo 3DS XL on February 24th. The design features Pikachu on the front cover of the New Nintendo 3DS XL. This Pikachu Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL will be identical to the other New Nintendo 3DS XL handhelds. This has been already available in Japan for awhile and now it's time to bring this uniquely designed New Nintendo 3DS XL handheld to other regions. This unique handheld will be available for $199.99 when it comes out on February 24th 2017.

In conclusion:
That pretty much wraps this weeks newspost. Expect to see more newsposts every weekend for now on. I would also would love you all to hit the appreciate button at the top of the page to show support for making any newsposts. If you have questions, leave them down in the comments please. So until then, I'll see you all next for some more weekly news. Peace!

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ChampionLeake (2017-02-05 20:25:18)
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I'm a web developer, a game developer, a digital artist, musician, and a reverse engineer. A weird mix right?
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Clyv (2017-02-05 20:29:39)
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