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Started by Carmilla
(2016-10-25 22:32:11)
Carmilla (2016-10-25 22:32:11)
Re-make of the old one that was taken down.

So, how about that airplane food?
you give me a rush
Perfect_Chaos (2016-10-25 22:53:50)
Why was it taken down
TapRoot0ak (2016-10-25 22:54:35)
Carthage (2016-10-25 23:00:57)
Shut up about why it was taken down and spread memes like we were doing before.

NodePoint (2016-10-25 23:06:34)
The thread removal was done by the OP's request for legitimate reasons which I shall not be disclosing publicly.
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TapRoot0ak (2016-10-25 23:41:16)
Carthage (2016-10-25 23:51:31)
Heynow dont get mad and rage at spencer ok. I already did that so you dont need to
TapRoot0ak (2016-10-25 23:53:11)
That Jew.
SMOGamerX (2016-10-26 00:02:43)
Well this might be dead quickly
carlos12 (2016-10-26 00:25:23)
Hes ing gay. This rhreads better
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May Spencer be in all our hearts....
Carthage (2016-10-26 00:29:18)
Well, ok.
Nemesis (2016-10-26 00:30:42)
And this date, October 25, 2016, was the official end of the decline: the fall of 3dsplaza.
I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
SMOGamerX (2016-10-26 00:35:04)
This was one great step on 3DSPlaza. mega died, and the thread died, can this get any better?
Destroiya (2016-10-26 01:50:17)
Let us say our words of farewell to Spencer.

You're a faggot.
None may challenge the brotherhood.
Carmilla (2016-10-26 02:49:52)
you give me a rush
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