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Started by Kanaya
(2016-07-17 03:59:49)
Kanaya (2016-07-17 03:59:49)
Do you prefer drawing digital art, or doing it the classic way, and draw on paper? I'm much better on paper than I am with digital.
XxFuzzballxX (2016-07-18 07:41:00)
I prefer drawing on paper. I'm not used to doing it digital.
hi again
Carmilla (2016-07-22 19:36:54)
you give me a rush
little5 (2016-07-31 13:00:15)
The thing about digital is that it's a learning curve, you're starting completely over with a different medium. It takes a long time.
Egobang (2016-08-03 00:00:43)
I'm pretty ok with either I guess, but normally prefer digital

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