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Tweak To How Chatmods Warn
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Started by Lani
(2016-06-06 00:05:05)
AntiChrist (2016-07-24 23:26:17)
The thing that's making it more difficult to take you seriously is how you consistently claim that Lani is power hungry and loves control. Where is this even coming from? That's the complete opposite of her personality.

I will agree, though, that cursing isn't something people should be banned or even warned for. BUT, if that is what Rob wants, then that's the way it will be. Since this is the case, making it a bannable offense without warning is completely fine since the only ones who breaks the rules are the same people and their alts over and over again. Why waste more time warning them?
Lani (2016-07-26 14:24:03)
"Immaturity is getting worked up over [things] that don't matter..."

And there you have it folks, the ignorance of hypocrisy. It's way too early in the morning to laugh this goodness. I'm not going to bother arguing about your attempted low blows to my maturity since you already dug your own grave with that post.

Since you're the breathing stereotypical definition of a millennial and refuse to read things to their entirety, I've gone ahead and pulled a snippet out from my last post for put your big boy pants on and read the whole paragraph before you make yourself look like a fool again:

Fact is, I don't really give a hoot anymore, though until Rob responds to my messages (who knows how much longer that may be), I may as well continue to do what I think is right, and that is enforcing the structure Rob imputed into the site. If he removed the "no bypassing" rule tomorrow, I would support that. If he added a "no RPing" rule, I would have to support that too, because upholding the site's standards is what my duty entails. It doesn't matter what I would personally prefer, or what would make me acceptable or cool to everyone, it's about maintaining what this site is/was intended to be.

I would be happy to expand on this in the case that your ignorance starts flaring up again, but since you're the mature one here, we shouldn't have that problem.

As Anti said, there's no point wasting everyone's time. We haven't been getting new users like we used to, so I'm not really worried about scaring anyone off. The rules are in plain view, so it's not like they can't know what the site's standards are to begin with.
You can't just walk into a restaurant, cuss at the waiters, then threaten them with: "I won't come back if you throw me out!"...Good, they wouldn't want you there anyway.

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XSTREAMSHOOT (2016-07-29 08:56:33)
You guys need new mods, I don't even see any now adays.
Focus on bigger pictures like: 2 factor auth, advertisement, new staff, site redo.
3DS Plaza Vet 2 + Years
NodePoint (2016-07-30 18:34:25)
^ two of which are probably never going to be done. not too much of a point advertising either.
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UltimateSpeda (2016-08-30 17:37:51)
Another way to make plaza a smaller site! Great job!
katy32roar (2016-12-07 04:03:10)
But people use inappropriate language all the time. What's the point.
Dreamer (2016-12-31 08:54:31)
It is pointless.
Metro3ds (2017-04-24 03:58:22)
And thus the end on plaza began
FixedKarma (2017-11-24 10:44:32)
and Lani is gone, never to be seen again ing us in the god damn ass with rules. Oh wait swears are now in internet comunitys are considered null; empty, without mean, just like this site
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