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Tweak To How Chatmods Warn
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Started by Lani
(2016-06-06 00:05:05)
Metro3ds (2016-06-12 03:38:59)
Why is no bypassing even a rule?in fact,why is cursing censored at all?we all curse anyway.even if its censored,we know what's behind the creepy ass smiley
NodePoint (2016-06-12 06:55:18)
^ not everytime and not everyone.
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Crush42 (2016-06-12 22:43:24)
So, who's the hole who keeps removing with the word '' in it?

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aybirdy (2016-06-13 02:24:01)
Not cool.
Remember 3DSAR7? Neither does he.
Perfect_Chaos (2016-06-13 07:16:00)

I don't go on the chats much anymore so if it really is that bad then yall are screwed, rip.
DrakeJericho (2016-06-15 22:26:11)
b-but muh liberty
Leviathan (2016-07-04 00:41:11)
"Lani may be strict, but she won't do anything drastic like make the rules instant bannable." < Literal quote from a non-believer when I explained that Lani is the overly catholic queen of ruining peoples fun.

I told you guys. I made her community manager on my website and gave her censorship abilities and she censored every ing possible thing that could be construed as a curse word in several different languages.

ing told you niggers this would happen. Lani is going to censor this into the ground. (Not that it hasn't already lost 80% of the users it had since Sackthing101 was demoted.)

I'm telling you right now, the only thing stopping her from adding words to the censors is the fact that she is physically unable to.

All the while, I've already made a community that has gained the popularity of 3dsplaza and then some. And you know what the best part of it is? Theres no ing censorship. Words are just words and a bunch of 14 to 25 year olds on a website without being allowed to curse is literally the biggest bunch of bull I've ever seen in my life.
I'm an open book, there are few questions I won't answer honestly, no matter how embarrassing.
NodePoint (2016-07-04 12:20:41)
^ And you should know that the intended audience is minors.
Pentester, web developer, artist, and tech enthusiast.
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Lani (2016-07-05 15:12:18)
If intentionally breaking rules is your definition of "fun", I can't wait to see you get out into the real world where immaturity like that doesn't fly.

I'm pretty sure the image of an incompitent manager would be one who lets people break rules because "lol they jus kidz they jus havin fun". It's that sort of leniency that makes the world burn. But despite that point, you weren't calling me incompetent, rather just a "strict no-fun nazi", which is much more preferrable compared to being an amateur web-developer with no standards.
Plaza has been on a slow decline to death for months now, and all mods are left to deal with are the same users breaking the same rules every day. I could have gone either direction, saying "forget about it, it doesn't matter who breaks rules anymore" and hammer the final nail into Plaza's demise, OR the direction I did take, which was to clean up Plaza so that we might die more honourably...hopefully being remembered as the site that stuck it out to the end instead of falling into a cesspool of degenrate teens with no filter (aka SN).
You always act as if all the users of Plaza would rather have it "rule-free"...while I'm sure many would want that, it's the handful of users who keep complaining to me about all the rule-BREAKING that give me the inspiration to tighten the reigns to begin with. Fact is, I don't really give a hoot anymore, though until Rob responds to my messages (who knows how much longer that may be), I may as well continue to do what I think is right, and that is enforcing the structure Rob imputed into the site. If he removed the "no bypassing" rule tomorrow, I would support that. If he added a "no RPing" rule, I would have to support that too, because upholding the site's standards is what my duty entails. It doesn't matter what I would personally prefer, or what would make me acceptable or cool to everyone, it's about maintaining what this site is/was intended to be. If you tell me to add censors to censored words, I'm going to add censors to censored words, not censor words that I personally don't like. If that was the case, I would have censored the word "fam", or "Leviathan".

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pwnzor3dsguy (2016-07-09 16:35:26)
Ain't this lovely. Now we can get banned for mistypes even more than before this idiocy.

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2016-07-09 17:03:32

I have an now! Ask me stuff and you'll probably maybe possibly be answered!
carlos12 (2016-07-12 17:30:24)
Damm lani, that's like 4 ing paragraphs
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May Spencer be in all our hearts....
squirtle2016 (2016-07-20 16:17:14)
Stop, or you die.
Leviathan (2016-07-22 23:09:51)
I didn't read all but the first line Lani. Because really there isn't anything you can say that justifies allowing the already power hungry moderators to ban people without warning. Imagine if newuser748 gets in the chat and says "wat tha [insert lazy swear that would be censored if in full word here]" and then bam, ban. Think that guy is going to come back? Hell no. In fact, we have seen less activity on this website since you became CM than any other CM in the last 5 years.

I was 100% right when I said you'd kill 3dsplaza, and Rob didn't listen, and now the only people left are doing their best to deny the fact that you're the reason everybody left.

And I don't really care anymore, I just like seeing everybody squirm and explode over the insubordination of Leviathan. How dare he speak out against the CM.

Anybody who knows me knows I love being right. And daaaaaamn was I right. Not only was I right by saying everybody was going to leave, but I proved my ability to do it ten times better by making a community that is already ten times as active as 3dsplaza within the first 3 weeks of it's creation!

This is ing delicious, mmmm-mmmm momma i'm tellin you right now, yes ma'am. I would offer admin positions to all the people I found qualified on here, but the thing is they are almost all gone! (But keep in mind, that couldn't POSSIBLY be your fault! Don't even get in your pretty little catholic head that you're at fault here!)

What made me decide not to continue reading the reply you made is because you have zero room to lecture me about maturity. I am going to college, working on a GAMMA degree for game and mobile application development, About to get my own apartment, and like I've mentioned, have a pretty popular community going. You? Is the definition of maturity spending thirty minutes ranting to me on Skype about how Spencer posted a photo with a cameltoe in it in the forums? And being borderline murderous about how nobody was fixing this horrible monstrosity? You are sitting here telling me that just saying a ing word is immaturity, yet you let the tiniest little things bother you. Immaturity is getting worked up over that don't matter, even in the real world. Let alone on a ing cancerous nintendo fansite full of 14 year olds, not a single one of which give two s about Spencers photo of a pony with a cameltoe.

"B-But I never did that!!!"

P.s. I kekked a thousand keks at Gold's comment.

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I'm an open book, there are few questions I won't answer honestly, no matter how embarrassing.
AntiChrist (2016-07-23 21:20:17)
Levi, I think you're getting a bit too passionate there over censorship on a children's website. That said, I think banning cuss words has any benefits since we aren't gaining new users anymore, let alone younger ones.

I didn't read all the comments so let me know if I missed any points. Also, one guy said that because Lani works at McDonald's, she's in "no position to lecture people" or something along those lines. That's simply untrue. It's not the only place she's ever worked at anyway.
Leviathan (2016-07-24 05:16:25)
^ The issue is that this whole thing is ing stupid. Our only users are above 13 and Lani is trying to do more than censor, she is trying to make cursing instant bannable.

Shes a community manager, and this whole thing, from the standpoint of a successful community manager, is Lani being power hungry and killing the community. It's funny to watch.

I'm an open book, there are few questions I won't answer honestly, no matter how embarrassing.
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