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Copic Marker Alternatives?
Started by XxFuzzballxX
(2016-05-11 18:39:22)
XxFuzzballxX (2016-05-11 18:39:22)
My aunt got me a $25 Amazon card for my Birthday. Are there any alternatives to copics that fall below $25 on If not then, any good colored pencil brands that are under that price limit? Thanks!
hi again
PANZERFAUST (2016-05-12 06:43:11)
Why don't you go look?
I miss you
madds (2016-06-21 17:22:56)
I would say Prismacolor, but they're almost as expensive.

Winsor & Newton Promarker and Pigment marker lines are slightly less expensive, but still not reasonable.

I always go Faber Castel and Prismacolor for my colored pencils, in that order. Good luck.
Let's tessellate.
little5 (2016-07-31 13:00:58)
Get some of those cheap Aliexpress markers. The Finecolour ones blend pretty well, I'm getting some myself. Or maybe try Bic Mark-it Markers.

These are ultra-cheap. Not that much comparable, but they're pretty good.

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Popstar20 (2016-12-13 02:03:51)
does anyone know how to add a picture of you're art work to your forum posts? I don't know how, I just want to know..
Popstar20 (2016-12-19 20:03:52)
nvm I figured it out.

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